Yoomi Tribute Challenge

Over at Yoomi they understand that becoming a new parent can be challenging and overwhelming and they know that having a support network to help can make all the difference. Unfortunately, there are parents living in the UK that don’t have a traditional support network.

Yoomi are launching #YouAndMe, a campaign created to raise awareness of Baby Banks around the UK and support #ParentsInNeed with donations of Yoomi bottles which I think is absolutely amazing.

They want to send a message to all the parents they can, that they are not alone.

For me, as a first time mum and a complete control freak I’ve been blessed to have a mini Whatsapp group full of some other pregnant bloggers and whilst it’s now grown to a bigger group where there are 10 of us, there were initially only a few of us and there was something very comforting about sharing our experiences and giving each other tips and advice. We’re all in different stages of our pregnancy and come from different backgrounds and have struggled with alot of the same things. Some of the girls already have little ones and their advice has been amazing. Without realising they have not only kept me motivated with my blog but I’ve learnt so much from all of their comments and questions in our chat that I didn’t even know I needed to know too till they asked! So my tribute is to them for being my cheering squad and being a part of my pregnancy journey whilst allowing me to be part of theirs 🙂


So whilst it’s one group, its 7 girls that combine into my tribute. Georgina, Kirsty, Daisy, Emma Katie, Harriet and Debbie.

You can get involved as well, all you need to do is pay tribute to the person that helped you through a parenting low, post a picture of this hero on Facebook or Instagram and tell us what makes them so great! At the end of your caption add : This is my donation to the #yoomibabybank for #parentsinneed I now nominate (***3 parents of your choice***) to make their tribute. #YouAndMe

If you are reading this and are a pregnant mum or even a mum to be, then I nominate YOU 🙂

Every post will help generate a donation of a Yoomi bottle for Baby Banks in the UK and everyone who posts will be entered into a competition to WIN a Yoomi welcome home starter set. (RRP £65.00)

For more information about the Tribute fund please follow the linkhttp://bit.ly/2do5V2N