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Thank you for thinking about working with us! Here is everything you need to know: is a PR friendly blog, We collaborate with brands and companies regularly and enjoy building relationships with each. If you are interested in collaborating please email me at

Sadly, I can’t promise we’ll be able to work together but I hope it will be mutually beneficial for us both so we can! I’m currently on maternity leave looking after my daughter Amelia and our time together is very precious as I’m sure you can appreciate, So in my spare moments (usually after Amelia is asleep for the night)  I’ll spend my time taking photos and editing content to put on my blog. I work hard to produce quality photography and content to build my blog and readership. I fully support bloggers being paid/compensated for their hard work as it’s not as simple as taking a quick pic and spamming a link about on twitter, so I hope as a brand you can respect that. Also your brand/product needs to fit in with my blog and be something I’m genuinely interested in. If you are unsure please feel free to enquire at

Who have I collaborated with? I’ve been very lucky enough to work with some amazing brands to fit in the niches I cover in this blog, here are some of the larger, more well known brands you may of heard of..

Do I feature paid collaborations? I post sponsored/paid content on my blog from time to time as long as it’s relevant to my blog but it’s important my readers know that my views are my own no matter if I purchased it or not. All items are marked with an astrix (*)  to show they were gifted as honesty is the way forward. Please feel free to email me with your budget and timescale and we can communicate further. Please note if no timescale is requested and agreed upon in the initial communications, then the post will go live according to my post schedule.

If there is anything anything else you’d like to know or you would like to request a media pack or rate card please contact me at

** Please note, as a personal choice from the 17th March 2017 will not be doing paid follow links. I wish to improve my SEO scores and hope to raise my DA so my site may become trusted and have the chance to work with other brands.


Some of our most photography from recent collaborations or events: