Wimbledon Spa London | Spa Experience Review


They say a picture can tell 1000 words and looking back at these photos whilst writing this post I already feel like I’m right back there at the spa feeling relaxed and tranquil and at 35 weeks pregnant, let me tell you, that feeling is like gold dust.





I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve recommended the Wimbledon Spa London since I had my treatment and Thermal Spa experience. I can’t thank the team enough for inviting me, Words can’t begin to express how much I’ve struggled in this pregnancy and for a few hours it all melted away and was just sheer bliss.

When I arrived at the Spa I was slightly disappointed as their lift wasn’t working so I had to make my way painfully up the stairs which not only resulted in a sweaty late Lucie in a lot of pain, but also wasn’t the best way to start my relaxing pamper sesh.  My SPD (gurdle pain) really limits me to a certain amount of steps per day and stairs are a nightmare for me so this wasn’t ideal and I’d be lying if I didn’t say by this point I was already thinking negative, in their defence,  once I arrived and commented on their lift, I was immediately apologised to, offered a drink and a place to sit and within minutes could hear the receptionist on the phone enquiring about the lift and getting it fixed which made me feel a lot more at ease as they were clearly concerned and wanted to get the issue sorted as soon as possible.

I had to fill in a form which asked me about my health, about any medication I was on and any allergies and after taking my time climbing those stairs and regaining my breath with my yummy drink and then filling this form in I was almost 25 minutes into my Thermal spa hour which I was a little upset about. Granted I can’t use all the facilities being pregnant but I had wished they had told me I’d needed to do this before hand, as of course I’d of given myself ample time to arrive, fill in the form to enjoy my full hour.  Once again, after a comment to the receptionist as I handed the form back to her, she kindly told me I could enjoy the Thermal spa for the rest of the hour till my treatment and once it was over return to the Thermal spa if I wished with no time limit as an apology for the mix up which I thought was generous and I returned to my zen spa mode ready to enjoy what was to come.

I was given a bag and shown to the changing rooms and was excited to find the worlds SOFTEST dressing gown and towel as well as a pair of flip-flops and a padlock in my bag. Now sadly I have to play the pregnant fat card, I was gutted to hear that they only had”one size fits all” dressing gowns, which by the way – really doesn’t. The dressing gown certainly fit be better than expected, but I would encourage them to perhaps have at least 5 XXL dressing gowns on hand for anyone that is pregnant or plus size like myself as I did feel rather exposed not being able to do it up fully, baby bump hanging out for everyone to see. Sadly due to my swollen feet I wasn’t able to wear the flipflops but it was such a lovely personal touch.

The changing rooms were huge and clean and there were several corners to hide should one of not been feeling body confident that day which is always a worry for some so that was nice to see. I locked up my stuff, told myself nobody was going to care my bump was sticking out ( though I got a few looks) and made my way back to reception. I was taken through their mini shop and seating area and led right into The Relaxation room.  GOD the vibes from this room alone were relaxing, with their comfy huge beds with complimentary tea and fruit infused water and fruit. The music was relaxing and the lights were dimmed and I just knew I was going to enjoy some chill time in here after my treatment!

The Relaxation room lead onto the Thermal Spa and I’m not going to lie, it was like being in a theme park and seeing all the roller coaster rides you could go on, but seeing all the different ways to pamper yourself! The Thermal Spa in Wimbledon had the following  :

Hammam: This is a relaxing heated seating area which is a great introduction upon entering or also used as a space to enjoy in between experiences.

Sauna: This is a ‘dry’ heat treatment in a wood-lined room with a temperature reaching 90 C. The Sauna is designed to induce perspiration in order to cleanse the body of impurities ( NOT safe for pregnant women )

Steam Room: This is a ‘wet’ heat treatment in a tiled room and I didn’t dare go in!  ( NOT safe for pregnant women )

Hot and Cold Foot Spa : This is a 2 part foot spa where you rest your feet in bubbling warm/hot foot spa and then into an icy cold foot spa, this is known to improve circulation and improve cardiovascular health and it was SO lovely on my swollen feet and ankles!

Hydrotherapy pool/ Jacuzzi : FINALLY A BATH I CAN FIT IN! I was so excited to sit in the Jacuzzi with all the jets hitting against my sore back and muscles, this was really relaxing and for a short time I felt so weightless, It was great being submerged passed my bump and made me so sleepy it was lush.

Monsoon Showers: This is like the ultimate shower people, Several jets release scented water creating this amazing shower experience and they range from a warm tropical downpour to a cool water, releasing a fine scotch mist.

Ice Fountain: The Ice Fountain produces ice flakes to be rubbed on the body which stimulates circulation and facilitates the cooling of the body.

So after enjoying the rest of my time in the Thermal Spa I made my way out 5 minutes before my La Sultane De Saba Sweetness in Bloom treatment was to start and was taken into the room which was dimmed and had more of those soft as hell towels on that I could have just fallen asleep on!



La Sultane De Saba Sweetness in Bloom ( 60 mins £65)

“This treatment uses the delicate, sweet fragrance of orange blossom to promote calm. Black soap and eucalyptus cleanse the face and ease blocked sinuses, before a facial massage is given to smooth fine lines and tone the skin. A honey, rose and ginger mask, packed with nutrients and sweet enough to eat, is then applied, soothing and softening the face and neck. The treatment finishes with a pure treat for the tummy, using warm melted shea butter to massage which effectively works to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.”

So my one gripe about this treatment was that I didn’t actually get my tummy massaged which I wont lie, I was really looking forward to. Apparently the therapists were taught something else so I’d recommend when going into your treatment you know what it entails to ensure you get what you pay for. Despite not getting my tummy massaged, instead I had my legs massaged which was amazing and as my legs were so swollen, perhaps even better for me, but I was really excited to give my bump a little pamper and had been looking forward to it since booking my treatment. Ah well.

All in all, I glided out of the treatment room feeling cosy and comfortable (those towels were really amazing) and my skin felt fresh and soothed not to mention soft AF! I wanted to indulge myself and ended up purchasing the Black eucalyptus soap which was cooling and cleansing and the honey rose and ginger mask. Since purchasing them It’s encouraged me to make more time for myself and look after my skin and body and I always feel so relaxed when using them as it takes me right back to my time at the spa.

I enjoyed my time so much the last thing left to do was to book myself in again as a treat to me. With my maternity leave starting on the 30th September, and my baby shower on the 2nd October, I thought what better way to introduce myself into my time off then another pamper session so I’ve booked myself in 2 days after my baby shower during the week so it will be nice and quiet. This can be my baby shower present to myself to have 3 hours in the Thermal spa (it’s £10 for 1 hour or £19 for 3 hours) and the same Sweetness in bloom package! Funnily enough, I’m writing this post now and by the time this goes live, I’d of finished work, be getting ready for my baby shower and looking forward to my date with Wimbledon Spa on the Tuesday. Well that’s come around quick!

 I can honestly say it was such a pleasure being asked to enjoy an experience at the Wimbledon Spa London, I’ve already told so many people about the Thermal spa alone and plan on booking James and I in for our 4 year anniversary at the end of November to enjoy some quality chilled out time together – Amelia will be with us then so I’m sure we’ll enjoy some quiet time even more ( even if it’s only for 3 hours! ) If you are looking for a pamper, pregnant or not then I highly recommend the Wimbledon Spa London. The staff were amazing and the service was great, a couple of hiccups but all rectified quickly to a high standard, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.. well.. maybe a dressing gown that fit but you can’t have it all!

Have you been to the Wimbledon Spa London?