Playtime feat Wicked Uncle

Amelia has been spoilt so much already, we will be at a loss come Christmas with what to get her as I’m pretty sure she’ll have everything by then! People are going to have to start getting pretty creative with where they shop and one of the places they could start is Wicked Uncle.

We were offered the chance to pick some items and decided we wouldn’t get another stuffed toy, we would get something we know she doesn’t have yet but might use a little later in life, so we decided to get two things, one of which was this Musical Instrument Set which is just as amazing as the picture suggests!

Musical Instrument Set Packaging

Musical Instrument Set - Janod

The set includes 2 wooden castanets, an 8 note metal xylophone with wooden mallets, a wooden recorder and a tambourine with cymbals. All of the instruments are natural and ecological products by a brand called Janod, a French company who specialise in quality wooden toys with this colourful and modern design! Now I’m not going to lie… We’ve already spotted a guitar and a piano that came in the little booklet inside that shows off some of their other products and both James and I are pretty keen to get them for her at some point or another if she shows an interest.

Now before you say it, we aren’t going to be those parents that force their child into playing an instrument and I’m determined not to be one of those bully mums that pressure their child to do something like the stereotype mum you see behind the scenes in beauty pageants, It’s just James and I are both very musical and are very passionate about our music. James can play Drums and Guitar along with spending most days beat-boxing some noise or another and I play Piano and when I was younger played the violin and flute, so dare I say, it’s almost inevitable she’ll grow up loving music and so far, I think working from home listening to Spotify in those last months certainly helped because Amelia loves anything musical, so for us, this is such an amazing gift. The recommended age is 2+,  however we have already seen Amelia enjoy the tones from the xylophone so we might be playing with it sooner! All in all, really really chuffed we picked the Musical Instrument Set, it’s such a great gift and really well made!

Nursery Rhymes Book

The other item we picked was a Nursery Rhymes Cloth Book in this gorgeous magnetic closing book style, and I love the fact on the inside if you take the book out, there is room for a personalised message, so a nice little keepsake 🙂  We picked the nursery rhyme book as I loved the illustrations and it had some I knew and some I didn’t so thought it would be fun to discover them together. It has This Little Piggy, Mother Goose, Hey Diddle Diddle, Jack Sprat and Humpty Dumpty.

The Illustrations are bright and the font it easy to read and really well made and perfect for an original newborn baby gift! I just know Amelia is going to love reading this when we incorporate reading into our bedtime routine!

Have you heard of Wicked Uncle?

  • The Mum Diaries

    The Musical instrument set looks great! Fab choice!!

  • Amy

    What have you got yourself into with a musical set? My eldest and a recorder will be the death of me!ox

  • That musical instrument set looks lovely – I’ve found it really hard to find nice instruments so will be checking that out!

  • Oh I love your choices. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting some musical instruments for my little one. I just can’t decide if my poor ears can handle it though!

  • Simply Besotted

    Lovely choices! I never thought about getting musical instruments for my little bit probably will do now. It’s nice that she will be able to use them as she gets older. I love cloth books, as they’re light and easy to travel with.

  • Emily Nellist

    We love wicked uncle. And the musical instruments are great such good presents for all ages.

  • Nicola Hughes

    Those gifts you picked look gorgeous. How amazing is the Wicked Uncle site? I am so glad they asked me to review it as I’d never heard of them before. Now, I won’t be going elsewhere for any gifts for children that I need to buy.

  • Yvadney (Style After Nine) Dav

    We value the importance of growing up.around musical instruments, as both my husband and I play. Get em started early I say and what beautiful wooden instruments, a lot of value in that. Yvadney x

  • We have some great items from Wicked Uncle. The music set you chose looks really nice and solid, you can definitely get lots of use out of it. My youngest has been able to blow in a whistle from about 11 months so Amelia might be impressing you soon!

  • We had some gifts from Wicked Uncle last year – they’re such a fab company! That music set is adorable, and I have no doubt she’ll be musical too 🙂 xx

  • dearlittledaisy

    She’s so precious – look like she’s enjoying exploring that! x

  • Lyndsey O’Halloran

    Erin loves her musical instruments! That’s a great set!

  • Jenna Richards

    N’aaaw she’s so cute. Musical instruments are always a good choice for babies/toddlers. My almost 3-year-old still plays with the ones she got as a baby. 🙂 xx

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


    These look like lovely toys! I have toy envy lol, definitely going to pick up some for Oscar – although I’m sure Emelia will love them just as much. Lovely pictures too xx

  • You’re going to regret those musical instruments so badly one day!