Uncommon Christmas Gift Guide 2017 – Hate traditional gifts? Me too.

So I don’t know if it’s since having a child, but I just have this want to nest and only ever buy nice things for my home from Anthropology, and this inability to justify spending money on myself, but I found it hard to tell people what I wanted for Christmas this year, why? Because I’ve got everything! Aside a top up of the ole perfume, a couple Lush bath bombs, A gift card to my fav shop, then all I was left with was, as my Dad would say “Just a card, kiss and peace and quiet.”

My inspiration for this uncommon Christmas Gift guide came from what I was getting my Dad for Christmas, I always gravitate towards a dressing gown and slippers for my dad, Will he survive using the same ones for another year? His 7 bottles of aftershave are looking a little lonely on his dresser, normally I’d be happy to get bottle number 8 and call it a day, but this year, I wanted to get him something different, something unexpected, and I decided I wanted to feature some unique and perhaps slight unusual gifts that would go down a treat.

Home Bargains – Winter Berries Reed Diffuser and Candle. (FT)
So excited to light this candle now I’ve taken photos because it smells amazing. Both the candle and the Reed diffuser smell incredibly festive with the scent of fresh berries, it’s both fresh yet warming. Can a scent even be warming? Either way, I feel like this is something for everyone and perfect as people are often entertaining after Christmas up to the new year, what better then a festive candle to light whilst you’re stuffed on the couch after days of eating your body weight in pigs in blankets, watching some random Christmas film on TV whilst swearing you wont eat another thing for days.

Home Bargains – Silver Baubals and Silver Star Jingle Bells. (FT)
I won’t lie, I’m gutted these have already sold out online as I’d love to get more of these Silver Star Jingle Bells, They came in a tube which alone was gift enough for Amelia as she shook them furiously whilst watching Peppa Pig, the sheer joy she got from shaking them and their noise was adorable. It’s the perfect extra to tie to a present with a bow and ‘to & from’ card, or ya know, on our tree!

Souschef – Lakrids 2017 Christmas Salted Caramel Liquorice. (T)
These.Look.So.Dreamy! My mum has already dropped several hints to how much she loves liquorice when I received some goodies from Souschef to feature in this post. These Salted Caramel Liquorice balls look heavenly and I can’t wait to taste one. A really simply, yet luxurious stocking filler!

Souschef – Mazet de Montargis Bear Praline Advent Calendar 2017. (T)
I’m so excited for the 1st of December to roll around so I can start tucking into this advent calendar and it’s the perfect gift if you and the hubby are wanting a cheap one this year, why not buy a nice advent calendar and with that, give them 25 little reasons why you love them. If a miniature chocolate doesn’t say love at 6am when you’re rushing out the door to work, then I don’t know what does.

FindMeaGift – Salted Caramel Chocolate Pizza Slice. (FTI )
Another great stocking filler for something more than just your typical box of chocolates. We all love pizza, we all love chocolate, so how could we not love this Chocolate pizza! It’s a no brainer and It seriously looks so good. I’m going to be giving it to James and will be strategically making a cup of tea before he opens his gifts as I just know it will go down perfectly with a cuppa.

Findmeagift – Personalised Wooden Christmas Eve Box. (FTI )
I’m so excited that we’ve started a Christmas Eve Box for Amelia this year. It’s perfect if any of your friends have given birth this year as it’s such a cute thing to start and you can fill it with whatever you want, I love that you can personalise it as well! This has to be my favourite thing we have for Amelia this year!

Smelly Sprout & Teddy Christmas Books.
I knew I wanted to put some Christmas related books in Amelia’s Christmas Eve Box and I love the Teddy Christmas, it’s the perfect size, and don’t worry if you need something a little more to keep your little one at bay, you can always opt for an activity book like The Smelly Sprout. Amelia loves stickers and labels, she loves picking at them and tapping them so I just KNOW she’s going to be obsessed with the Smelly Sprout book, and until then, she has got the Teddy Christmas book to get excited about on Christmas Eve!

Usbourne – That’s not my Christmas edition 4 pack.
Amelia is obsessed with books and she loves the “That’s not my” books so when I saw there was a 4 pack on offer I had to get them, as they are perfect for her Christmas eve box. We have the ” That’s not my bunny” book and on the velcro page it’s all tatted and faded as she always likes to lick that page haha, it’s so cute as we’ve had it for a while now and you can see how she’s interacted with each page.

Chipmunks – Unicorn Slippers. (FTI )
How CUTE are these Unicorn Slippers for Amelia? I know along with new PJ’s that I still have to buy, I wanted cute new slippers for her now that she’s wearing shoes everyday and these Unicorn ones were too cute not to feature as something else to go in her Christmas Eve Box! They have loads of other cute boots that I want to get Amelia too so worth checking out for baby shoes!

O’Keeffe’s Hardworking Skincare Multipack. (FT)
Do you know how hard it is to buy my Brother any kind of skincare without him pulling a face as it’s too ‘girly’ or doesn’t ‘look manly’. Well I love that O’keeffe’s have this packaging as it’s the perfect balance between being visually appealing, yet not floral or anything to scare him off. He’s going to love having smooth feet and soft hands as he is always complaining about them being dry and hard. I’ve already commandeered the lip repair as my own though, it’s really helping my lips as they’ve been so dry since I’ve had a cold and I’m loving it.

Andrew Collinge – Get The Look Waves box set waves. (F – T – I )
Lately I’ve been wearing my hair curly more, however it’s so thick and frizzy, most days I look like Hagrid from Harry Potter, so I rely on hair products to help me achieve the desired result be it defined smooth curls or straight. The Get the Look Waves box, is perfect for any frizzy haired queen looking to maintain her locks and has 3 products to help you do it. You have the Blow Dry Lotion which will give the hair a light hold whilst adding some shine and volume as well as protect it from the heat, so this is great to use with a round brush, smooth out the hair then move onto the Finishing Gel Serum Definer. This isn’t a wet gel, it’s a non greasy, almost like a light wax that has this bouncy soft feel, almost like a serum in a smooth gel form? Anyway, haha I use this which is great to help control the frizz and add shine, It’s also perfect if you’ve just curled your hair, you can use a small amount, work it through your hands and then run your fingers through the curls and really pinch the ends to keep the cuticle down. Then finish with some Firm Hold hairspray and you’re good to go. These have been my go to style products for when I have curly hair!

Urban Veda – Radiance Body Ritual Set. ( FTI )
Since having Amelia my skincare routine has well and truly gone out the window, so for me anything that has the word radiance in would probably make a huge improvement to my life haha. The Urban Veda Radiance set smells AMAZING and has this spa vibes smell to it which for me actually helps me enjoy using it more? Especially if I know I’m going to feel relaxed after using it. The set contains includes a full size Radiance Body Wash, Radiance Body Scrub and Radiance Body Lotion, presented in a beautiful branded gift box. The Radiance range is Infused with anti-inflammatory turmeric, antioxidant-rich pomegranate and healing patchouli, this trio helps to counteract damage caused by free radicals and support healthy skin cell renewal. Bursting with brightening botanicals, this gift set is ideal for reducing the signs of hyper pigmentation. – This is such an amazing gift for any new mums, or any woman who loves to spend some time treating herself and skin to a pamper.

Old Mulled Hen (FT) // Rocking Rudolph // Writers Tears Pot Blend with Gift Box (FTI)
No Christmas is complete without booze, My Step Mum makes a FIERCE Christmas boozy cake and soaks all the fruit for like a month and It’s phenominal, however another great gift idea if you’re round a friends over Christmas is some festive Ales like Old Mulled Hen which you can buy in Morrisons or Nisa, as well as Rocking Rudolph which you can get from Aldi. If you wanted to push to boat out as more of a boozy gift, then I’d 100% recommend the Writers Tears Pot Still Blend With Gift Box! The guys over at 31Dover were kind enough to give me and my readers a cheeky 10% off using the code “LUCIE31D10“, There is a bottle of Xolato Chocolate Gin which calls to me, but they have some great boozy bargains and perfect for gifts of if you felt like treating yourself and stocking up!

Souschef – Fiasconaro Pistachio Panettone With Pistachio Cream. (T)
Being half Sicilian, Panettone is something of a tradition at Christmas and without tooting my own horn, I’m going to look like SUCH a boss when I whip out this bad boy on Boxing day when we get together with my Dad, my Step Mum and brother. It’s like my heritage in a desert and it’s just so beautiful. It comes in a gorgeous luxe box and within the box contains a jar of pistachio creme and a spreading knife and I just know it’s going to taste heavenly! Such a beautiful gift for entertaining to to take to someone’s if you’re guest. It keeps for ages and once it does get a little hard, it’s perfect with custard. You heard it here first.

WingYip – Vegan Hamper. (F)
So I LOVE the idea of this Vegan Hamper as a gift, Amelia’s Godparents are both Vegan and I know they’d love something like this! It came in a plain white cardboard carry case, so super easy to wrap! I feel like it’s such a great selection of products too, as they can make curries from the Red and Green pastes, as well as a sweet and sour dish and use the plum sauce for another! Struggling with what your Vegan friends want for Christmas? You’re welcome.

Magnetix Flexi Bracelet. (F)
I’ve made it no secret that my health has been up and down since being pregnant and it takes it’s toll not just on the body, but the mind also. Magnetix got in touch with me and informed me of all the benefits magnets had to offer, I thought this would be the perfect gift for me to try to help. They were kind enough to send me this gorgeous bracelet and I’m excited to wear it and reap the benefits. It was really amazing reading up on all the wellbeing benefits magnets contain and how they help. This could be the perfect gift for an older parent or even a grandparent. Every little helps right?

Let me know what you think of my Christmas Gift Guide!

Some items were sent to be included in this post, however all thoughts are honest and my own.

  • Sarah Sullivan

    i love how the bracelet doesnt even look like a magnetic one! great post x

  • Such great ideas in here! I need to start my Christmas shopping( I am SO unprepared) but im going to look into a couple of these! X

  • Great ideas, the chocolate pizza slice is on my wish list! I’ve bought That’s not my Snowman but really want the reindeer one too xx

  • Kirsty McManus

    Lovely ideas in here Luc! It’s the advent calendar especially that draws my eye, I’m such a sucker for all things Advent!

  • Sophia Ford

    Er…. How badly do I need those unicorn slippers for Wills! Fab gift guides, given me lots of ideas xo

  • Kira

    Some really great gifts lovely . My daughter is obsessed with pizza so the chocolate pizza is definately something I am off to buy ! Thanks Hun x

    • I’ve opted to give it to my other half as he loves anything salted caramel but the struggle is real to not eat it hahaha It looks so good! x