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The Body Shop Spa Range Review Fatbeautyx

I think at some point or another we’ve all wished we had a mini spa at home, there is something so relaxing about spa rooms. They are always dark and soothing, playing some form of relaxing music and there is always that ” spa smell ” of their rich luxurious products. Well now you don’t need to wish for that spa at home or be planning that next spa visit, The Body Shop have got you covered.

The Body Shop have just launched their new Spa Range to give anyone that ultimate home spa experience. Their range is inspired by traditional polynesia, Japanese, Moroccan and African spa treatments with 20 items in the range, all built up of salt scrubs, butters, balms and body milk’s which you can find here. The packaging is beautiful and very smart with its golden labels and coloured accents.

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The African Ximenila Scrub £18 is a very light and moisturising scrub, it’s exfoliating scrub uses the rich oil from the ximenia fruit seed which has been handpicked in Namibia from the ‘Tree of life’. The texture is very soft and gentle against the skin and it smells beautiful. I loved applying this all over my body, lightly exfoliating my skin and then taking a bath and soaking in it. Once out the bath my skin feels so silky soft with a slight scent of the ximenia oil and it’s just beautiful! Perfect after a long day at work!

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 The Japanese Camellia Cream £23 is another beautiful formula, It’s been been formed around Japanese women who used camellia oil to help soften and moisturise the skin. It has a gorgeous light floral scent and it’s texture feels like velvet, it really is such a treat to apply! Once out the bath or shower I’ve been reaching for this cream and make a point of really focusing on each part of the body as I work it in. With the lights off and my twinkle lights around my bath I find myself tuning my phone to spotify to find the perfect spa playlist to fully whisk me away to tranquility on a Monday night in my bathroom!

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I have saved the Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay £16 for last as for me, this is the show stopper. The Rhassoul Clay is treasured by Moroccan women for its skin firming power and with this clay mask it absorbs excess water and oil, allowing skin to tighten and feel firmer as it dries. Sounds pretty amazing right? It gets better. After my bath I washed off the scrub and smothered myself in this magic applied a thin layer of the clay over my body, they recommend using the Spa of the world Body Mask Brush £10 to apply but I happily used my hands. I focused on my arms, thighs, tummy and bottom, I happily perched on the side of my bath with my eyes closed as if absorbing this zen like vibe I created in my bathroom, and all of a sudden this light minty aroma hits me, slowly as the clay began to dry on my skin, I felt it lightly tingle and it was at that moment I knew this would become a firm staple product that I’d be ranting about for a while. It couldn’t of been easy to wash off either which was a huge plus and my skin after it just felt amazing!

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All in all I was really impressed with the 3 products, Especially the Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay and if you are only going to try one product from the range it HAS to be that one! I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Have you tried anything from the Body Shop Spa Range?


*Please note some of these items may be PR samples.