Swaddling featuring Aden and Anais

Swaddling is always something I hear mums rave about and it’s something I wish we tried more when Amelia was born. Despite Amelia loving to be snuggled in close, she isn’t always a fan of having her arms restricted as she loves to sleep with them above her head.
If you follow us on Instagram (If you don’t its ok, you can click here and have a nose) you’ll know we’ve be trying a lite version of the E.A.S.Y sleep routine by the Baby Whisperer and although we’re trying to self settle with her, sometimes she still wants to feel that closeness (usually when shes going through a leap and is a little more clingy) and she’s resisting sleep, so this is where our window for Swaddling opened and we all but jumped at the chance to incorporate it into our routine.
We’ve been reaching for our Aden and Anais metallic pink primrose muslin lately, and its so large and soft and luxurious I’ve not wanted to mop up milk and dribble with it. One day I just tried swaddling Amelia in it and I could tell it helped her feel more safe and warm and snug as if she were in my arms which I found really helped when she was being fussier about going to sleep.
It’s been lovely to use and dare I say the bigger she is getting now, the less likely we’ll be rocking her to sleep as she’s so bloomin’ heavy, so it’s nice to make the most of it now and enjoy my baby before she grows up any more!
I’ll certainly be looking at getting more Aden and Anais Muslin squares as they are so soft really great quality and wash well!

Have you tried the Aden and Anais Muslin Squares?

  • Oh how amazingly gorgeous does she look all bundled up! You’ll put me into labour with those cute pics! (Here’s hoping!) Love the swaddle too, classy and cute – perfect!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  • Amy Fox

    Alfie hated being swaddled but we loved a good Muslin cloth!

  • Rachel Bradford

    These are literally the most beautiful swaddles/muslin squares. And I love the baby burrito look!! πŸ˜‰

  • The Mum Diaries

    I love Aden and Anais swaddles! Always so beautiful and soft!

  • I’ve always heard amazing things about Aden and Anais – I LOVE this design too, so unique. She’s adorable πŸ™‚ xx

  • MamaWilkos

    I’ve never tried one, nor heard of them before, but how you described them makes me want one for myself!

  • Kirsty McManus

    Lucie she honestly melts my hard – beautiful swaddles as well, if only we could still swaddle! Suppose they’d still be great as a muslin square for us though! Lovely post girl x

  • Lucy Cotterill

    She is so gorgeous! These swaddles look gorgeous x

  • Amy

    Ok so you probably shouldn’t use Amelia in any review photos from now on because she takes the attention away from the product! Such a beautiful little girl. I do love the design of this swaddle though πŸ™‚ ox

  • Emily Nellist

    We LOVE Aden and Anais, I know a lot of people gawp at the price but they’re so worth it. We use our muslin swaddles for picnic blanket, sunshade covers, a light blanket, a pram sheet, a muslin, everything!! Amelia is seriously a blogger child dream she is beauttttiful xxx