Starting off your Child’s Book Collection with Once Upon A Book Bundles

Reading has always been a favourite thing of mine. I worked in Waterstones for several years and loved it, I knew when a eventually had a child of my own, I’d want them to enjoy reading and it would be something I tried to encourage so when Once Upon A Time Book Bundles got in touch to send me a book bundle for Amelia I jumped at the chance.

Having worked in a bookstore I can confirm that some books can be quite expensive for what they are, so building up a collection if you don’t have a store like The Works near you, can make wanting to encourage reading rather costly. With Once Upon A Time Book Bundles you can get 10 books for £10 or 20 books for £20 (Use the code “amelia” to get £1 off your order) and these are all matched to the babies/child’s age and interests. They also do a baby to toddler bundle which would be a great unique baby shower gift!

The book bundles are worth approximately £80 and include some larger named authors which I was quite surprised to find included as these books are usually worth around £4 – £6 each!

We’ve recently placed ours on a shelf in her room and have been incorporating them into our bedtime routine which is going down a treat! In our bundle I love that we got 1 book for the buggy and 1 book that can be used in the bath so it’s like no matter if we’re in the bath, bed or out and about we can have a book with us!

Amelia is my little princess and I had asked if they had anything about a princess and thankfully they were able to add in a Little Miss Princess book which I thought was a lovely thing to do – I’m always impressed when company’s go that extra mile.

All in all – I would certainly recommend Once Upon A Time Book Bundles  – Yes we got a few little ones that we may use when Amelia is older, but as they are quite small they will remain on the shelf. For anyone wanting to start off a book collection, this is a great place to start, however if you have the budget and only want bigger books, then I’d suggest looking elsewhere OR maybe contacting Once Upon A Time Book Bundles to see if they have a price bundle for ALL large books.


Has your little one got a Book Collection at home?