Sick of being Sick during Pregnancy? Feat Myrtle & Maude






If you’ve been following my pregnancy updates (You can watch the videos in my pregnancy playlist here) You’ll know that it’s been a bumpy pregnancy for me to say the least. It seems every symptom I could have had, I’ve had and one of the worst if I can even pick just one is the sickness and upset tummy.

In the first trimester my sickness and nausea were certainly at their peak and things seemed to get a little better in my second trimester for a while, however in my third trimester after developing Gestational Diabetes I’ve been taking Metformin and found that it really upsets my stomach to the point of getting sulphur burps which let me tell you, are NOT sexy in the slightest. I’d burp or pass wind and it smelt like an egg sewer. Mmm Yummy!

One of my mummy-to-be friends Kirsty told me about the brand Myrtle & Maude and it’s been a life saver and another staple I’d add to my pregnancy survival guide list. (Let me know if you guys might like a post on that?)

Myrtle & Maude was founded by Julia & Matt from Yorkshire this year. Julia’s mum was a nurse and always preferred to use natural remedies to cure aliments over medication and the idea behind Myrtle & Maude came from the days Julia worked as a stewardess and wanted a product to help with nausea as a lot of the guests would suffer from seasickness where she found that there were very few natural products on the market and even less for us pregnant folk!

They spent the past months working with elite herbalists to develop their special tea blend using only natural ingredients with the aim to be the best go-to brand for mummas-to-be suffering with nausea and sickness to help ease our journey.

I was very kindly sent one of their Mumma-to-be pregnancy tummy settling packs which contains their 3 products, Peppermint Oil Bon-Bons, Baby Bump Settling Tea and Acupressure Wristbands.

For me, the Bon-Bons and Tea have been most effective with settling my tummy and helping with the nausea and with my sulphur burps/upset tummy. The Bon-Bon’s are specially formulated with natural peppermint oil and they taste amazing. They come in this lovely tin however they are quite big and I’ve found myself wanting to half them to make them last longer as there aren’t that many so if you’re having one or two a day they wouldn’t last you a fortnight and it would be a long 40 weeks of pregnancy!

 Next is the Settling tea which to me, tastes amazing. They seem to have found this yummy balance for it to work and for it to taste nice ( how often do the things that help coughGAVISCONcough taste like crap? )  With tummy settling ginger and the uplifting ancient Persian scents of luxurious fragrant rose, zesty orange and vibrant peppermint, this is one teabag you want to have floating around in your cupboard! You get 10 of these tea sachets and they are caffeine free so perfect for pregnancy!

Lastly, the Acupressure Wristbands, I have probably used these the least as I’m not a huge fan of things on my wrists but I’d put these on when drinking my tea to help maximise getting rid of the nausea and there hasn’t been a time the tea didn’t work. I’ve never had Acupressure or anything but I know these are to counteract the feelings of an upset tummy as the bands applies gentle pressure to the Nei-Kuan points!

All in all, if you are suffering with nausea or sickness, or if like me are on metformin and getting these sulphur burps I 100% recommend Myrtle & Maude and

Myrtle & Maude are using crowd funding to help build their brand so If you are interested in purchasing this product, I’ve been told I can offer my readers a special offer. If you invest £15, they will send you a goody bag worth over £30! All you need to do is follow the link below, invest £15 and email them at quoting my blog to get that special offer!


You can find Myrtle and Maude on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!