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For the last few weeks … Months I’ve been very quiet and I promise I’ll explain very soon, but in the time I’ve been off I feel like I’ve lost my way a little, I’ve made a choice to put off my slimming world videos as I’ve come off plan and I’ve put on about 2 stone so feel a bit of a sham each week giving advice when I’m not fully on plan and it’s amazing how that little (or large in my case) step back hits your confidence.

For the first time in what seems like forever I felt pretty and that was in this pink dress fromLove the Sales from Simply Be.


Money’s been super tight lately so everywhere I look I’m finding I’ll fill my basket with loads of sale stuff but never seem to be able to justify myself for a treat. I’ve been using Love The Sales as it shows all the brands I’d usually buy on and highlights their sale stuff. I saw this gorgeous pink summer dress in their plus size section reduced from £60 to £30 and desperate times called for flamboyant dresses to get me out of my rut and once my eyes locked onto the pink dress I just knew it was meant to be mine 🙂


Love the sales Simply Be Dress
Bag – Kate Spade
Shoes – Primark
Tights – M&S
The dress is surprisingly light despite its heavy feel but I did get a little hot in it so extra deodorant ladies. The dress nipped in at the waist, I got a size 28 and it’s a little roomy in the bust but fitted perfectly everywhere else where I’ve put on weight. It came to just above my knee and when I sat, fell about 2 or so inches above my knee so for me, on the tube to work, I’d pair it with tights but you could go bare legged if you’re happy to.


All in all, I love the dress, and more importantly, I love how I felt in the dress. You can’t put a price on the confidence a good outfit gives you… Well I guess you can, and it totally helps when it’s a sales price!!
You can find other sale dresses here or shop all of their  items here and pick your size from 4 – 30.


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  • Love that colour, so vibrant and fun. Great outfit x


    • It’s such a gorgeous colour isn’t it! Thank you lovely xx

  • Karen

    Wow! You look gorgeous and that colour is perfect on you!

    I hate diet plans like SW as the moment you don’t follow them, you gain weight and feel bad about yourself, but you shouldn’t – you are awesome!

    • Thank you so much Karen! What a lovely thing to say 😀

      I actually love SW but I’m just not following it so obviously can’t expect to lose weight if I’m eating crap haha. Either way though, hoping to feel awesome soon! 😛 xx

  • That colour is phenomenal – love wearing bright colours when feeling a little down, I think it’s a fake it till I make it type thing!

    C xx

    • It really is! I do love wearing a bright colour too, especially when the suns out! 100% a fake it till you make it situation and I’ve been faking for ages so really wanna creep out of my pit i’ve been festering in lol x

  • You look babelicious! I love the cut and colour of this dress. xx

    Just Me Leah