Pregnancy update Weeks 23 – 32 + Gender Reveal

So perhaps quite a bit of an update as I haven’t really documented anything from week 18 which was my last Youtube video update which you can find here.

I’d love to say it’s been easy but it really hasn’t been, without sounding like a hypochondriac all the things they’ve said could happen, have happened, and instead of it being something to just contend with, it’s like they’ve all come together all at once and if I’m honest, it’s been really hard. That being said, I’m over the moon to be pregnant as it’s something James and I have been trying for, for almost 3 years and I wasn’t off to the best start having PCOS and being 24 Stone, so I worked hard, Lost 5 stone and here we are 33 weeks pregnant 🙂

So in my last post update I had some pregnancy questions I answered so I’m going to update them for the previous weeks and then how I’ve been feeling this week and do my best to get you all caught up!

How far along am I?  
As of today’s date in this post, I’m 33w+3
Size of the baby? 
Well as of 28 weeks, I found out baby was weighing in at 3lbs 1 ounce, and at 32 weeks, shes now weighing in at 4 and a half lbs!
So the last scan I was going to was on the 30th June where we got the most amazing scan photo, we were hoping to find out the sex, however they couldn’t tell and couldn’t get all the heart measurements they needed, so we had to go back a further 3 times before we were able to get to see all 4 chambers of the heart and finally the sex!
Here is the scan photo from the 30th!
plus size and pregnant update 2
Total weight gain/loss: 
As I stated in my previous post, I started my pregnancy at 22st 8lbs and I’m now 24 stone so I’ve put on quite alot, No idea what part of that is water, baby and blood and normal pregnancy things and if I’m quite honest, I’m trying hard not to really pay attention to the scales, I’m more concerned about my baby’s health and after she’s born I can see the damage and go from there 🙂
Are you following a diet?
Not really, I’m trying to eat veg and meat and be as healthy as possible where I can and on the days I want to.
Maternity clothes? 
I’ve still be living in my George maternity leggings which are just a godsend as well as strapy tops from Primark and my favourite navy maternity top with pink hearts on from Dorothy size and pregnant update 3
Stretch marks? 
No new ones aside the ones I had anyway
What’s sleep? Since about 26 weeks I’m probably getting bout 4-5 hours sleep all broken as I have to pee every 2 hours or so, I’m constantly sitting up and then my body tells me I need to pee, sometimes i’ve pee’d, fallen asleep on the loo and 5 mins later I’m peeing again so I’ll wait another 5 mins and you’ve guessed it, I can go again and then I’ve gone back to bed and been able to sleep a little longer before the next one. It’s like my body is getting me ready for waking up all night when the baby comes.
Best moments since last time? 
Oh wow there are So many now, I love it when James and I are spooning in bed and he’ll put his hand on my belly and then just feel the baby kick and it makes us all feel really connected and we’ll talk to baby and baby’ll move around it just feels so real now compared to the movements I was feeling before.
Miss anything? 
Still want sushi haha..I miss being able to move around freely, I can hardly bend over, and walking is pretty much out of the question now for me so being active as well.. oh ..and sleep, though I think I should give up on on that last one as I wont be getting much when baby is here.
Every day this one is more and more active 🙂
I’ve hardly craved anything these past few months!
Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Still just the smell of smoke and the smell of coffee.

Labour signs? 
None yet! It’s still a bit too early to hoping baby’ll cook in there a little longer!
Still got swollen legs and feet, Still got pains in my wrists, Still got pains in my pelvic region if I do some walking. I also now have to take blood thinning injections every day as I’m at risk for a clot which is fun! Lots of belly bruising but it has to be done.
 Belly button in or out? 
Still an inny though it’s getting all squished now haha
Happy or moody most of the time?
I’ve been pretty happy, certainly nesting now we’re in our new home, doing washing and cleaning and most of the cooking whilst still working from home till the end of this month when I’m on mat leave which is exciting! Lots of naps for Lucie before baby arrives!
Looking forward to: 
100% on countdown till I finish work, super excited about that!
If you’re pregnant let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about how your pregnancy is going!