Plus Size & Pregnant – Week 16 – 18

 So I thought I would do my next update now that I’m 19 weeks and just keep you guys updated with how everything is going 😀

I’ve definately felt bigger in the last few weeks and I know I’m only going to get bigger, It’s been a thought of mine if I would show a bump or if my belly was too big and I’m delighted to see it’s taking shape!

So here is me at 19 weeks and here’s how I’ve been getting on this week.


How far along am I?  
19 weeks / 4 months & 3 weeks.
Size of the baby? 
Baby is 6 inches or as my pregnancy ovia app tells me, similar to a gameboy haha 🙂
I’ve got a scanned booked in for the 30th June where we will find out the sex of the baby!
Total weight gain/loss: 
I started my pregnancy at 22st 8lbs and in my last update I was 22st 6lbs. I’m currently 22st 12 lbs, which could be baby, or it could be that tub of ice cream I had in bed the other day.. *looks innocent*
Are you following a diet?
Wish I could say I was as strict as I want to be, but due to timing and ease I’ve been eating meal deal sandwiches and soups rather than making them at home so they are always more unhealthy so really need to be a bit more strict.
Maternity clothes? 
I’ve just ordered a pack of 2 maternity leggings from Asda George for £12! Bargain! I’m currently working on several wishlist posts and the next one that’s going to be going live is my Maternity Clothes post so keep an eye out for that!
Stretch marks? 
No new ones aside the ones I had anyway
Sleep is still on track since my last update!  Lets hope it continues!
Best moments since last time? 
So I was laying on the bed and James commented that my belly button was changing and this was so exciting to me haha, I’ve been thinking lots about my bump as a plus size woman and if I’ll get a “D” bump rather than a “B” bump due to my size, so it brought a huge smile to my face knowing I am growing and my tummy is changing for baby.
Miss anything? 
Still want sushi haha..
I think after my last update, in week 17 and last week I haven’t felt as many movements which is a little worrying but It’s quite normal so just waiting for our scan!
Watermelon, Ribs, duck spring rolls …haha
Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Still just the smell of smoke and the smell of coffee.
No idea, hopefully we’ll find out in our next scan!
Labour signs? 
I’ve  been suffering alot with my legs in the last 2 weeks, I’ve always had poor circulation, but my legs have been aching so bad so my work kindly got me a foot stool for at my desk to keep them elevated, and at home I’m trying to keep them up as much as possible.
I’ve also had pelvic pain which almost feels like I’ve pulled a muscle in my pelvis so trying to take baths and not overdue movements and opening my legs wide (lol) to avoid extra strain.
 Belly button in or out? 
Happy or moody most of the time?
I’ve been feeling really lonley haha, and very very needy. As james and I don’t live together yet, we didn’t see each other over the weekend so It’s almost been 2 weeks since I saw him which sucks so looking forward to when I get to spend time with him as I feel like a part of me is missing when he’s not around.
Looking forward to: 
The scan at the end of June!
If you’re pregnant let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about how your pregnancy is going!


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