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As a plus size pregnant woman, I had no idea just how hard it would be to feel comfortable in clothes or actually.. in general let alone find any that fit.

If I were smaller, I could get away with just buying the next size up but at a size 24-26, sizing up means it’s baggy on my bust and arms and fits snug on my belly, meaning it has a shelf life of about 2 weeks before it no longer fits, and that’s not including how it digs in if I sit down so I was sizing up twice buying a size 28 or 30 which meant it was then a far too big up top, and a little loose around my middle and with my Fiancé James and I moving into our new 2 bedroom flat and saving for when our little one arrives, I just can’t justify spending MORE money on clothes that won’t fit in a few weeks, yet there are only a few places I can buy plus size maternity clothes and even they are an arm and a leg.

I can say with confidence I think Yours Clothing are my saviour! I was very kindly send an outfit of my choosing to review and with the weather being hot and me having a ongoing relationship with my fan right next to my bed, I just had to pick one of their dresses and a cardigan to go alongside it if I went out in the evening and it got cold.
Yours Bump It up Outfit 2
Dress – Navy & White Ikat Print Dress* size 24 ( ON SALE! )
Cardigan – Black Waterfall Cardigan* size 22-24
Bag – Tote with Tassels*
Shoes – Black 2 strap cork sandals* size 8EEE
I absolutely love this dress, it’s affordable and it’s in my usual size 24 and yet I have so much room in the tummy area for bump to grow with it fitting perfectly everywhere else. I love the print and was drawn to it’s blue and white print. It’s the perfect length for me at 5’3 and comes below the knee, my legs have been such a burden for me during the pregnancy as I’ve got poor circulation anyway, but they’re so swollen It’s been a nightmare for jeans, leggings and don’t get me started on shoes, so a dress that still comes low but isn’t grazing the floor is perfect for me. I also love that it has a tie so I can tie it under my boobs to define my shape a bit or tie it up at the back and let it hang loose as bump gets bigger.
I’m a big lover of cardigans as I’ve always been warm blooded, but sometimes you just want something with sleeves and a lot of my cardigans won’t do up and look a little small now with my bump and after seeing this Waterfall Cardigan, I loved how it fell down but could still wrap round me with ease if I wanted to cover up. I got a 22-24 and the arms fit perfectly ( if not a tad too long because I have such t-rex arms ) and it wraps around my belly and still has room for it to grow so it will well and truly last me right up to when I deliver and beyond.
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I’m always a sucker for a bag and love this black tote back with spiked tassel. It’s a great size that won’t let me carry too much, but can still get all my essentials in and would be perfect as a pram bag or could even use it as a hospital bag! 
Shoes, where to even start. As you can see from the photo, my feet are very swollen and have been very painful to walk on so I’ve been living in sandals and luckily, as my others were packing in, I’ve been able to wear these beauties. I got them in a size 8 EEE and where my feet have been so swollen, I did have to add my own extra hole but it took seconds and they fit a lot better, however had my feet not been so swollen, I’d of definitely been able to fit into them and I’m looking forward to trying on their other EEE wide fit shoes after the swelling goes down.
All in all, I absolutely love this outfit and already have my eye on this gorgeous nude and black lace dress for a wedding I’m going to in October when I’ll be ready to pop!  Since trying these items I ordered their Cami Tops and I’d say to size up in those as I found mine a little tight and their cropped lace leggings sat tightly on my knee which also required sizing up, just incase you had your eye on those 🙂
If you are a new customer you can also enjoy 10% off using the code “NEWCLOTHES10” off a minimum spend of £20!
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