Plus Size & Pregnant Date Night OOTD

Plus Size & Pregnant Date Night OOTD 1

Plus Size & Pregnant Date Night OOTD 2

Plus Size & Pregnant Date Night OOTD 3

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There is nothing quite like being plus size and growing a baby to knock your body confidence off track a little. There is so much pressure on having that “perfect bump” and god If I had a penny for every time someone commented on my bump and the shocked look on their face when I told them I still had weeks to go, or that I’m having just the 1 and not twins, well It would take this unborn delight to college!

It’s not really uncommon for one to feel like their body isn’t their own when pregnant, so it’s only natural to not feel confident when your shape is changing and that’s something universal no matter your size. I haven’t felt glamorous in a really long time and there really is a huge gap in the market for plus size pregnant women, but thankfully there are some items I can just size up in and have it still fit and not hang off me in the wrong places and this gorgeous Tie-Waist kaftan from Lovedrobe in Simply Be* is my life right now for special occasions as it’s one of those few pieces that I can get in a larger size and not feel like I’ve purchased a tent for Glastonbury.

The Kaftan is a gorgeous pale grey which is both light for during the day or easily glammed up with a smokey eye and a pair of kitten heels for the evening. I love the embellished collar as it saves wearing a necklace and keeps the piece simple, elegant and light for me to enjoy and not get too hot and flustered in which seems to be the norm for me at the moment whilst I’m baking this baby away in here.

Aside from the collar, I love that the kaftan both defines my figure, yet seems to flow over it at the same time thanks to it’s loose shape. I sized up to a 28 to allow room for bump, and with it’s tie feature, it allows me to tie it under my boobs to help give me that definition without feeling restricted or the top feeling to tight which also makes this a great item to have in the wardrobe with a growing tummy as the tie can be as tight or loose as I want or not be worn all together and worn as a short-ish dress if one doesn’t mind showing a bit of thigh ooh you sexy minx you.

This is certainly one of those items for me where if they had it in different colours I’d have them all, and I definitely think I’ll be wearing this after our little bundle of joy arrives as it really does make me feel very glamours, I’m sure the fake jewels on the collar have nothing to do with it. Nothing at all. haha.

Don’t be afraid to try shit on, don’t get consumed with the size of the item, if you have to size up, size up! At the end of the day your comfort means 100 times more than the size the label tells you!


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