Planning our first family holiday with a toddler!

One thing’s for certain this year, and that’s that we want to have a family holiday, but there are several things that I’ll need to consider when planning it to make it happen..

Money is a slight issue, it needs to be affordable, so somewhere in Italy as we have family over there and can stay with them was our first thought.

Part of me wants to have that first official family holiday just myself, James and Amelia, however there is another part of me that thinks having a giant family holiday would be great too, (more hands on deck with Amelia, so some alone time for James and I) that means my Mum, Dad, Step Mum and Brother could all come, in which case, hiring out some kind of Tuscan Mansion might be better and we can all just go halves which would certainly make it more affordable!

Catering to our needs
So because Amelia is only 15 months, granted she would be a little older when we go, but assuming she is still hasn’t gone into a bed by then, we’d need to find a place where we could have a cotbed. It would also need to have Air Con because my normal temperature is basically the same as the sun, so being in a hot country, I pretty much need a cool room or I’ll just melt and sit up all night fanning myself and be miserable haha.

We’ll also need a high chair and pram as Amelia isn’t fully walking, although she walked about 70 metres just holding my mums hand yesterday, it was the first time we properly let her walk whilst holding our hand for a long distance and she did great, so who knows if we’ll need a pram when we go away, but I’d like the option if we’re out and about and she wants a sleep she can just pass out in her pram and we wont have to carry her.

Wouldn’t it just be great if we found hotel that had some kind of “toddler package” so you can opt in for it and then everything is all there that we’d need – Is it really that simple? Am I just on the wrong websites? If this exists please tell me where?!

Bed & Breakfast or All Inclusive?
I’m already at a crossroads here, a part of me thinks all inclusive is the way to go, as it’s one flat fee, and then everything is a go after that. We can eat and drink, not that I plan on getting wasted every night, as much as we want and there are no hidden charges. This also makes it easier as they always have cereals and fresh fruits in their a la carte, and usually always have some kind of scrambled eggs and beans so I know Amelia would be fine food wise if we did eat there every day, as we still haven’t gone fully onto dairy.

Bed and Breakfast however would make the trip cheaper, but then you have to ensure that the place you go is toddler friendly and then of course you pay separately so it can all add up so I’m back at square one thinking All Inclusive is the way forward.

Her milk on the other hand could be an issue, as currently we are on Alpro Soya Growing Up Milk and she wouldn’t be able to go 2 weeks with no milk, it doesn’t come in powder, just litre cartons. Looking on the TSA website it does say we will be able to bring some, but hell if we’re going for 10 days and need like 8 cartons, that’s almost a carry-on!! I doubt we can get that milk elsewhere, I can’t say for certain if we could wean her out of her intolerance in the next few months and be able to have normal full fat milk for the holiday. If you have experience with going on holiday with a toddler with a Cows Milk Intolerance, let me know how you got on and if you needed to take cartons of milk. how did you get on?!

Are we there yet?
Another thing that I worry about, is the plane journey there and back. Now, I love my child, but I can just about fit in the seat of a plane without the tray down on my lap, let alone having a child on top of me whilst holding my elbows in as to not touch either person beside me, James would probably have to hold her, but I’m just not sure I’d hear the end of it.  Not sure I could get away with being designated Phone holder playing Peppa Pig haha.

Obviously the answer is, we’d buy ahead of time and select the seats with the leg room so Amelia thinks she’s up in first class, and can get down and stand at our feet, but I think about a screaming Amelia on a 4 hour flight somewhere and I’m instantly regretting even looking for holidays. Maybe researching places that have a quick flight is best? – definitely making a note to read up on tips when flying with toddlers.. I mean, as long as we have Peppa Pig and snacks that don’t run out for 4 hours.. we should be laughing right?… Right?

I’ve read all about Plane pals which might be worth investing in if you plan on doing a lot of flying, as I think Amelia would be pretty comfy, otherwise entertainment wise, Keep em’ quiet do these great bags full of things to entertain your little one based on age and sex and the duration of the flight which I thought was pretty cool!

Items going in our Carry On!

  • Phone / Tablet with several episodes of Amelia’s favourite things downloaded onto Netflix
  • Battery Power bank (these are great if you need a charge with no plugs around)
  • Snacks
  • Dummy, blanket and soft toy.
  • Several books or kids magazine.
  • Change of clothes + nappy and wipes
  • Crayons and Paper
  • Calpol + Ambesol for teeth

I have a feeling like I’m missing so many things, but one thing’s for certain.. we’re going on holiday!!!!