Peppa Pig’s – My First Cinema Experience DVD & Download Avaliable Now!

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands in my time as a blogger, and from time to time I get an email I’m super excited about, and since blogging about parenting I have to say, this has been our most exciting email to date. The love we have for Peppa Pig started at an early age for Amelia, It’s a theme tune that gets whistled to Amelia on a weekly daily basis and is sure to bring a cheesy grin.

We were invited to see Peppa Pigs – My First Cinema Experience at the cinema in London but were unable to attend, thankfully the lovely Jessica remembered our love for Peppa and got in touch as the DVD was coming out and wondered if we wanted to have our own mini Cinema experience at home. Little did I know they had all but sent a Peppa Pig kitchen sink to us, I had to take it home in 2 trips as the box was so heavy full of stuff! If you follow me on Instagram you might of watched me do an unboxing on my Insta-Videos, You can follow me here @lucielovesit to not miss a future video).

We were sent a few treats to have to make our cinema night-in extra special, because you can’t have a movie night without treats..right?! We enjoyed some Apple and Summer Berries fruit drinks out of these snazzy red Peppa Pig cups along with Muddy Puddle Biscuits! I managed to find 3 that hadn’t snapped along Peppa’s head for the photos, they were all decapitated Peppa’s begging to be dipped into chocolate)

We were sent this gorgeous London themed 3 piece china set of a plate, bowl and cup along with napkins, bunting, A Peppa Pig blanket and pillow, various activity books and magazines, musical instruments, pens and a Peppa pig glow in the dark lamp to help Amelia wake up (which will come in handy as she’s been getting up since 4-5am since the clocks went back.. FML)

So I was expecting just a DVD with several episodes on that we hadn’t seen before, but this was an hour and 10 minutes of Peppa Pig that even I enjoyed, I mean it was no Walking Dead I could binge watch, but with the help of Daisy, Peppa Pig’s friend, it help broke up each episode and made it a lot more enjoyable which will help when Amelia gets older.





















The DVD starts with you meeting Daisy who’s Peppa’s friend, and of course, if we’re friends with Peppa, and she’s friends with Peppa, that basically makes Daisy our friend too and Daisy made it a lot more bearable for me to watch so she’s definitely mummy’s friend at 4am in the morning when Mummy got dragged out of bed early because Amelia was awake and wanted to play 😀

Having Daisy helped with interaction, for example, the first episode ‘London‘ is where Peppa and her friends go to London and meet the queen, who even answers her own intercom for the front gate btw, just a little FYI, and they end up on a tour bus going around London. I shan’t spoil the episode but after the episode, you’re at Daisy’s house with a faux puppet like Peppa and George sitting in her garden in a make pretend bus scenario and you end up singing the Wheels on the bus and she’s asking you to join in and make noises and sing along and it’s great not only for little ones, but for even older due to the interactive breaks between the episode .

The 9 episodes on the disk ‘London’, ‘The Police’, ‘Canal Boa’t, ‘The Zoo’, ‘The Outback’, ‘Surging’, ‘The Great Barrier Reef’, ‘Boomerang’ and ‘Move to Music’, are all welcomed new episodes never seen before and made a nice change to the 3 series we watch on repeat on Netflix, Amelia was particularly excited to see some of the different characters that don’t always feature in the main episodes such as Gerald the Giraffe!

All in all, I’m so happy to have this DVD and feel like we could outgrow Peppa pig just watching episode after episode on Netflix, but with the DVD where it breaks it up and has interactions and musical sing song, it captivates Amelia so much more and I think we’ll be watching these for a while.  I can only hope this is the first of many like this so we can continue our new collection of interactive films!


Had so many pictures from our evening so here are some favourites, specifically when Amelia eats Peppa who’s jumped into a chocolatey muddy puddle! 😀


  • This is the sweetest movie night in ever! The photos of Amelia are adorable too xx

  • What an adorable movie night in, so cute!