One Year Roundup – Weaning Tips

Amelia turned one last week and I’m so not ready for my baby to become a toddler! I wanted to do a roundup of posts after Amelia turned one an I thought I’d start at the beginning.. weaning!

Don’t listen to society

Everywhere you look, there will be Facebook posts, Pinterest Tips and other mums telling you what your child should be eating and when they should be eating it. Ignore it all! Every baby has their own journey and there is no point comparing or judging your child’s weaning journey with anyone else’s, I know It’s easy to compare your little one with others, but you don’t need to. Take your time, your baby will let you know when they’re ready to move onto the next stage.


There isn’t a mess you can’t clear up

I think looking back, I was so precious with Amelia getting messy or getting an outfit covered in food and I’d be constantly wiping her hands and mouth and be far too quick to feed her the food than let her use her hands. Now, I actually prefer for her to get stuck in and feel all the textures. It really improved her hand eye coordination when she was younger and meant she learnt early on how to feed herself, which made it easy when we were out and about if I was shopping or running errands, I knew I could give her a snack and she’d be fine in her pram with it feeding herself with supervision.

Gagging is actually good

If you haven’t watched a gagging weaning video, go watch one right now. It made me feel so much better about weaning with Amelia and even helped boost my mums confidence with her when she would be feeding her. Gagging and choking are 2 very different things, and although it can be scary, it’s quite normal. Babies learn to push food to the back of their mouth with their tongue and may gag from time to time, but with each time, it’s actually helping them learn how to deal with the lumpy bits so persevere, before you know it, they’ll be able to tolerate bigger bits!

I’m not a bad mum if I use a pouch/jar

I’m sure I’m not the only mum that felt so much pressure to make all of their babies food from scratch. I’d make batches of food and spend less money on pre-made stuff and give her what we’re having, but you know what? Sometimes it’s easier to buy a pouch or jar of food if you’re out and about or running errands. They have loads that were catered to Amelia’s cow’s milk intolerance and the great news is there are so many different brands and flavours our there, you’re bound to find one your little one likes!

We’re currently trying the HiPP Organic Jars* that we were sent to try and it really is so convenient, they have SO many different flavours which is great now that we’re encouraging Amelia to try more.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

It can be really disheartening when one day your child likes something, then the next day, they’re spitting it down their bibs. Some days, Amelia just didn’t want broccoli and that’s ok, I never force fed her anything. We would try something else and then come back to it in a few days time and after doing that a few times she would end up liking it again.

*This post was in collaboration with Hipp Organic.

  • Sarah 🐈

    i agree with not being a bad mum because you use a jar, food today is so much better than its ever been! great post x

  • Laura Stevens

    Feels like a life time ago that I was weaning my two. Completely agree with everything you said x

  • This was a really good read from someone slightly further down the line than us! We also love HiPP organic jars, I’ve not no shame in saying we use jars/pouches quite a lot, they are really good for experimenting with flavours, then when I know what violet likes I can make it for her! 🙂

  • Jars and pouches definitely have their place in weaning. They are great when out and about or when time is short. I agree with everything else you said too.

  • Amelia Salmon

    When I first started weaning, I felt like a bad mum if I was seen to be giving a pouch or jar. I soon realised theres nothing wrong with them! I agree with your other points too, especially not worrying about mess!

  • I used to use jars a lot – it’s funny how you feel like people are judging you. Su