Nine X Lingerie Review

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I believe everyone should own at least one item of sexy lingerie, even if you have nobody to wear it for, wear it for YOU!

As someone who likes to feel sexy, I love nothing more than owning sexy lingerie. I love a new matching bra and underwear set as I feel my life is more organised if I have matching underwear, anyone else ever feel that?  I wanted to share the Frida Dusty Rose Chemise with pockets* from Nine X Lingerie with you as I felt like an utter goddess on my weekend away with James.

Wearing this left me feeling confident and sexy which is what any woman wants when she’s half naked and It certainly got the thumbs up from James!  The sizing was perfect, I got mine in a 22 and with the adjustable straps on the Frida, it was easy to adjust it to fit perfectly. I loved the length and I found it held my boobs up slightly- lets face it, half the time they don’t so it was nice that my tits felt epic as well as the rest of me!

It’s taken me a long time to love my body and even now there are days where I worry but when I look at these pictures I don’t see any of my imperfections, I just remember feeling sexy! It was also lovely to see plus size models being used on the Nine X Lingerie website as I was able to easily base what I’d look like in the item by the photo and for me that was a HUGE selling point as things are so often not as pictured, so I’d definitely recommend checking them out and getting your sexy on!