Newlook Pure Colour Nail Polish – Autumn Edit

Newlook Nail Polishes lucielovesit 1 Newlook Nail Polishes lucielovesit 2Newlook Nail Polishes lucielovesit 3Newlook Pure Colour Nail Polish from left to right : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Do you ever find you’re always drawn to the same colour nail polishes? I do. I’ve got easily over 100 polishes at home all different shades and some are almost identical! I said to myself if I wouldn’t buy anymore nail polishes unless it was a colour I didn’t already have and as it happens, I think I just have an addiction to buying nail polish because the last time I was in Newlook I ended up leaving with 5 of their Pure Colour nail polishes from their beauty range!  These are all colours I’d never normally pick up but I quite like them!

1 – Dark Green – This is such a gorgeous dark teal and is a gorgeous colour for the more Autumn/Winter months and surprisingly looks great on shorter nails too!

2- Light Grey – I’ve been loving mauve, grey, lilac shades and this one falls into it! Love this colour so much!

3- Multicoloured Metallic – I’m a bit Marmite about this shade, over a black coat it’s gorgeous and reflects pinky purple/green flecks and alone it looks more of a warm brown/ green depending on how the light hits but it’s different and I was drawn to the holographic-ness  this isn’t even a word of the colour.

4- Blue Metallic – This dark grey is lovely with very small flecks of silver glitter which catch the light for this gun-metal effect.

5 – Dark Red Matte – In the bottle this matte claret red looks great but on the nail I’m still a bit unsure, I haven’t worn a full manicure with this on but I’m thinking for those red and matte lovers, this could be a popular shade!

What shades do you usually go for? What do you think of these?

  • I didn’t realise New Look did Nail polishes! These looks gorgeous, such varied shaes! I’ll check them out soon 🙂

    • yeah they have started doing lots of home bits! 😀 x

  • I always go for darker colours. I love colours 2, 4 and 5. Theyre gorgeous

    Beth x

    Mermaid in Disguise

    • They are super lovely! I’m such a nail polish addict ahah x