MyHummy SleepyHead Must Have for the Cot! – Giveaway!

Amelia has hit 6 months ( already? I know right! ) and we’ve moved her into her Cot bed in her room, one of the must haves in the cot right next to her is our MyHummy White Noise toy, however we’re upgrading our Pink Snoozy (Review here) who has served us well, to the*NEW* MyHummy Sleepy Head which in my opinion is actually the better of the two!

I Love the design of the MyHummy Sleepy Head and it’s not only sleeker, but it actually comes on a velcro strap to wrap round the side of the cot or car seat you could easily get one of the plastic rings to attach it to the hood of your pram to help provide that white noise whilst out and about to help your little one go down and stay settled.

Whilst I love our Pink Snoozy, we had it on the side of the sleepyhead mattress (Another must have in the cot for us, Review here) Amelia slept in, which sat in our Chicco Next to me so anytime we moved the sleepyhead mattress into the living room onto the couch, we would have to move the Snoozy with us or sometimes it wall fall and I found myself wishing I could clip it onto the side and now with the MyHummy Sleepy Head, I can.

Just like the our favourite Snoozy, the MyHummy Sleepy Head has 5 types of white noise: amniotic fluid with heartbeat, ocean waves, rainfall, vacuum cleaner, hairdryer. It’s Sleep Sensor still gives you 60 minutes of operation, and after the 60 minutes it fades out and goes into standby mode, once Amelia stirs, or even lets out a little wimper because she’s no doubt spat her dummy out the second I’ve just snuggled back into bed, the sound will gradually fade in and play for another 60 minutes and will stay in that sleep sensor mode for 12 hours unless turned off.

There is still a 12 hour non-stop mode for those nights when you just want little one to stay down and if I’m being honest, I actually prefer how the Sleepy Head looks to the Snoozy! It’s gorgeous and Clean and we have ours in White and it would go with any decor! All in All, it’s our number one must have for the cot and her new venture into her room.


I will be giving away one of MyHummy’s Sleepy Head white noise toys in your choice of colour which will be sent out by MyHummy. Enter below by clicking on the tweet, ensuring you are following me and MyHummy and of course, retweet the tweet to complete your entry.