Mummy & Baby January Favourites

It’s the start of February and with that means we can tell you all the things we’ve been loving throughout January! Let’s get started!

Blade and Rose Tights –  Now technically we’ve been loving them since December however, they’re still in our top picks for January! Amelia has always been tall for her age and we’ve been struggling with tights and sleep suits for her as she’s smaller on the top than bottom. This made me start looking for leggings to go with her bodysuits so we could keep to 0-3 on top but move up to 3-6 in the bottoms. Sadly tights don’t fit right on us like mother like daughter and we saw that Blade and Rose had these 0-6 month sized tights, we weren’t too sure about the sizing and it was only after seeing Kristy’s post showing of Harrison’s cheeky bum in a pair that we knew we could get away with them and the rest is history. We are now proud owners of 4 pairs of the tights all different designs and 1 pair of the leggings. Amelia is such a wriggle bum that socks always come off so with the tights, they are built in and fit perfectly with a great amount of stretch for her to still grow in. They wash ok/well (a little bobbley) but we got most of ours in the sale and will certainly go back for bigger sizes once she’s out of these ones! They may have some still on sale for just £5.50 here.

Calpol – God isn’t this stuff just magic? I can remember thinking this when I was younger and loved it. Everyone knew the crack about purple Calpol and if you didn’t have it as a child, I feel sorry for you. You missed out, but the good news is your baby doesn’t have too! It was a god send that this was avaliable from 2 months+ as it was just in time for our jabs and the couple of sniffles/colds we had this month. I know we’re going to be needing another bottle as it will also help with Amelia’s teething.

Nuby Bug-A-Loop – Teething has been something that’s hit us this month, although it’s currently managed by teething gel and calpol, and her fists, however rather than attempt to sterilise her fists every hour because they get so grubby, it’s a lot easier to keep teething toys clean and one that we’ve had at an arms length at all times is the Nuby Bug-A-Loop. It’s super colourful and full of different colours and textures, and the best part is it’s big and round enough for Amelia to hold onto and shake around and immediately push upto her chops before she stars chowing down.

Angelcare bath – Aside that first bath, bath time has always been very exciting for us and if you’re following us on Instagram and watching our Insta-Stories, I promise It’s not because James and I spend some of the time squirting each other with our squeak and squirt toys that squirt water out the mouths! – Who’s the real child here? We love bath time and could easily talk about our Cuddle Dry Towel ( review here ) and all our new toys we recently received from Nuby ( haul here ) but the main star behind the show is the Angelcare bath as it props her up perfectly every night and keeps her supported, safe and comfy. One of the main things I love about it, is the actual innards are made of silicone which is easy to rinse after and hang to drip dry over the bath which makes bathing solo that extra bit easier!

Youtube Happy Song – So I can’t be the only mum that has looked for lullaby’s and baby sensory videos, well I came across this video and it was the making of this song and how they documented the babies reactions etc so we started listening to the song and Amelia loves it! It’s always something to get her excited in her rocker to help tucker her out before she goes for a nap.

What have you been loving last month?