Mum to Mum – We Made Me Wuti Wrap Review

As a plus size mum, finding a baby carrier / sling that would fit seemed like it was going to be a hard task. It’s not only got to fit round my waist but allow for my tummy and boobs PLUS a baby! So with the search in full motion, we were approached by the brand We Made Me who were more than happy to take us up on the challenge and I must say, they exceeded our expectations completely!

WMM has 3 carriers/slings to choose from and we went for the Wuti Wrap*, thinking as it had SO much material to wrap around, and it was stretchy, I’d be fine with it fitting roind my curves! The Wuti Wrap came with this great step by step guide that showed you every single move on how to prepare the wrap to hold the baby and was easy to follow unlike some of the others on the market.

Now James absolutely adored the Wuti Wrap. He’s 6ft and has lovely long arms and made it look so easy tucking the wrap in here and there and was able to get his wrap on in just a few minutes and him and Amelia were ready to go. Showoff. However I have short arms and I did find it a little fiddly to start off with in terms of wrapping it round my body and having it tight enough to support Amelia but not have her sagging in it and I found it was easier for me with a helping hand and doing it infront of a mirror, then doing it on my own – however I also think being a nervous new mum at the time played a big part in not wanting to drop her.

If any plus size mums are looking for a carrier for their baby, I can certainly recommend the Wuti Wrap as it would easily fit a woman UK size 32 ( I’m a 24/26 normally however was about a 28 in the pics due to pregnancy weight ). If you don’t want to have that flexibility of fastening it on each time, and would maybe prefer one you can just put on and click a fastening into place, then I’d suggest looking at their Pao Carrier, I think I might enjoy this one a little bit more as It does take me a little longer than James to put the Wuti on, and I think I’d prefer the quicker one so I can just pop her in and be on our way, however, If you’re more like James who wouldn’t have a problem wrapping it round you following the easy guide then the Wuti Wrap is for you!


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