My Hummy white noise toy Review

As a new mum, one thing I get asked a lot by other mums or mums to be, is “What are your newborn must haves?”, there is something about asking how another mum survived in those first few weeks that somehow makes us feel like we aren’t missing out on anything to make our lives easier! If budget permits, then I’ll always rant and rave about our Sleepyhead (full review here) and our Cuddle Dry Hands Free Towel – especially if you are soloing bath time! (full review here). Another of our favourites we’ve been using since Amelia’s arrival and we haven’t looked back and that’s the My Hummy Snoozy White Noise Toy*.

Whilst there are loads of the market and heck, even phone apps that can serenade your child with the likes of the sound of the hoover, for us, My Hummy has been there from the start and is a vital part of what not only helps soothe Amelia to sleep late at night for her final ‘pray to the gods she sleeps through the night ‘sleep, but I truly believe because we’ve had it since birth, it’s a noise that helps keep her asleep should she stir.

The Snoozy not only does the job, but it looks adorable doing it, with it’s 3 toy designs to choose from, the teddy bears, the Snoozy, and the sleepy head. You can pick your favourite from 4 teddy bears, 5 different Snoozy pastel colours or 3 different Sleepyhead colours. We went with the pink Snoozy and We love it.

Here are some of the brilliant selling points:

Sizing -It’s the perfect size to either hang or pop in her cot, big enough to be a toy to play with, yet doesn’t take up half the Chicco next to me. It’s super soft too so should she grab a hold of it, or chuck her arms over her head at night like she does, it’s not anything hard and plastic in there with her while shes sleeping.

Noise Variety – Now whilst I admit, to me, they all sound very similar and only a dog could tell a huge difference between the sounds it emits, apparently so can Amelia as she has her preferred setting that she cooperates with. The 5 types of white noise are : amniotic fluid with heartbeat, ocean waves, rainfall and 2 frequencies of a hair dryer and for the life of me I couldn’t tell you which one is the one she likes the most, I just know we don’t take it off that setting now.

Sensor – The sensor that’s tucked away inside the Snoozy has always picked up on Amelia since we’ve had it. James has farted before on the other side of the bed and it’s come on, so yeah, suffice to say it picks up on those little noises (and the big ones) that our babies make when stirring so I love that it’s already turned itself on and working it’s magic before I’ve necessarily stirred to coo over Amelia. This leads me perfectly onto..

Fade out – One of the other functions I love about the Snoozy is that it has a 60 minutes ( or 12 hours ) playback of white noise and then it gradually fades out as it’s known a baby can wake on sudden silence. What I also love about this function is it remembers the volume you had it at when it comes back on so it wont suddenly startle Amelia, it almost just kind of comes on in the background and keeps her sleeping, ensures she drifts back into a deeper sleep and then goes off on it’s own accord until she stirs or makes a noise…or someone farts.

Machine Washable – 2 of my favourite words as a parent! Obviously the sound sensor needs to be removed but should it get grubby, it’s a washing machine job and that is a huge bonus.

I think the final selling point for us, is that it’s worked. It may of just been something I turned on when Amelia went in her sleepyhead to begin with but the nights we’ve forgotten or it’s started to run out of battery, it’s proven just how vital it is for us. We have it on every night when she goes to sleep and If you include the few times it might go off during the night, I’d say the batteries last us on average a month as we’ve been using it since we’ve had Amelia and changed the batteries 3 times and we just hit her 3 month mark.

I think the next thing we might be in the market for is their new Sleepyhead white noise toy I mentioned above. It’s new and is the perfect size to hang in the pram to take where we go for those times where a nap is needed or I’m desperate to get home and just need those 10 extra minutes to get there and she’s stirring.

If you’re in the market for a white noise toy, look no further, the My Hummy toys are the best in our opinion!

As a final note – Just want to say a HUGE shout out to Marianna, she was one of the first baby PR’s to contact us whilst Amelia was still a bump and has been SO patient and kind to us (maybe a little too kind as we’ve made her wait 3 months for this review, Sorry Marianna!  This has been one of the best gifts anyone could of asked us to review and it’s going to be by our bedside for the foreseeable future!



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  • Bethany Perkins

    This looks amazing! We used Ewan but but it doesn’t seem as good as this. Definitely one I will be keeping in mind for the next one whenever that is!

  • Emma Parry

    We’ve just got Benjamin a mobile that has a sensor and plays whale noises etc as well as a lullaby but this looks like a much nicer cuddly version 😊

  • thelittlestdarlings

    We use Ewan or an app on my phone but our 3 month old can get a little fussy so this sounds great!

  • Rachel Bradford

    I really love the fact it fades down and has a sensoe. I think I’d get this for baby no.2 as our ewan is fab but doesn’t have a sensor!

  • Amy

    This is so cute as is Amelia. We have a dream sheep or something like that and it is a massive part of our bedtime routine ox

  • Kirsty McManus

    We love our My Hummy! – The pastel colors are so much nicer than any other white noise toy we’ve seen!

  • This is the cutest and love the name, Leanora had the sheep but she was not keen, this would of been a lot nicer. x

  • My daughter was almost called Amelia, lovely name. This sounds great!

  • This sounds like the toy of dreams! I need one! So funny that they like the sound of amniotic fluid! Also I’m sorry but Amelia is just too beautiful! You need to live closer so I can give her a squish!! xx

  • Emily Nellist

    This is so cute, I love how it looks like a little snuggly teddy too. We use the Whisbear and it has truly been an absolute life saver for us with P.

    Babies and Beauty

  • We love our MyHummy toy! I remember when Rory was a few days old and was screaming having his nappy changed (you know how they think you’re trying to murder them for a while) and Rich brought this in – instant baby silencer! It was amazing!

  • Alison @ Five Little Stars

    Wow. I don’t think this was around much when I had my last baby (three years ago). I love the white noise and the machine washability. It’s cute too. This is totally going to be my next baby gift. Thanks for the tip!

  • Lucy Cotterill

    Ah these are super cute!! Not heard of them before! .

  • Awww these sound lovely, and the pr sounds wonderful to work with, really sweet of you to give her a shout-out! Katie x