Millennium Gloucester Hotel Review

James & I were lucky enough to be invited to visit the Millennium Gloucester Hotel with some other bloggers from Joe Blogs Network, we had a mini tour and were treated to lots of amazing food which I can’t wait to tell you all about in this very picture heavy post! I apologise now if you haven’t eaten, because you will most certainly want to be getting food after this post – or maybe booking a night in the hotel!





When we arrived at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel we were greeted in the bar area and from the get go the service was impeccable, nothing was too much trouble and when in London, especially in a swanky place, it’s easy to feel intimidated, so it was lovely that the staff were so attentive as it really did make us feel comfortable.

The hotel has several restaurants,  Bombay Brasserie where you can sample Indian cuisine,  Bugis Street Brasserie where you can sample Oriental cuisine, South West 7 where you can enjoy breakfast and Humphrey’s Bar. The restaurants aren’t actually attached to the hotel, they are but a few minutes walk outside which I thought was great. How many times would you walk past a hotel and think to eat in their hotel restaurant? You wouldn’t! With the restaurants on the high street, you’d be more inclined to walk past and look in, take a peek at the menu and go in!  They rolled out all the red carpets for us that night as they couldn’t decide which restaurant to take us to so we were having food from 2 of their restaurants.

Once we got there we were brought a glass of champagne and a platter of mixed h’orderves which is everything I’d want to nibble on from a Chinese so it really was the perfect starter.

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We were taken around the sister hotel up to the Bailey’s suite which was to DIE for! Each floor had a different theme and little stairs leading off to secret rooms! The spiral staircase was beautiful but I was glad they had a lift after all that food #NotGonnaLie. We were then taken to the other restaurant to be wowed with more amazing food and wine. Suffice to say James and I left stuffed and happy being treated to a great affordable meal in London and I’d highly recommend trying the Bugis Street Restaurant if you fancy a bit of Oriental delight!