Lush Spa Kingston – The Comforter

As soon as I left the Lush Spa Kingston – or more accurately, floated home after my treatment, I vowed to myself that I’m going to try EVERY single spa treatment from Lush. Now this is a huge task but I want everyone to know I’m dedicated to it and willing to put in the hard work and effort to make sure I have a day off to get each one and make it happen! haha..

In all seriousness wow, I mean just WOW! I don’t even know where to begin, actually, I do and it’s a huge thank you to my fiance for treating me to this. He knows better than anyone how many things I juggle and never seem to find time for myself to relax and I’m so lucky that he would think to treat me to this. Secondly a huge thank you to Leone at the Lush Spa in Kingston for the most amazing treatment! You’re so lovely!

The comforter is 60 minutes of sweet bliss all for just £85. I arrived early at my appointment at the Lush Spa in Kingston and everyone was super friendly, they got me a drink and let me browse downstairs till someone from the spa came down to get me. Leone was looking after me and boy did she. We sat and had a mini consultation and she explained what the treatment was, the products she would be using and what I could expect and showed me to the room. Walking into the room was magical with soothing music playing softly in the background and the lights dimmed into this ethereal haze with green neon lights all around the walls moving slowly. It was like a spa version of the Northern lights but with music and a bed in the middle with a heated duvet. Yeah, that’s right, I said heated.

The words ‘snug as a bug in a rug’ never felt so true after I stripped down to my underwear and got under the warm duvet on the bed and was left looking up at the ceiling seeing all the cute lights already feeling my worries fading away. I rang the mini bell beside my bed to show I was ready and Leone came in and placed this mini pillow over my eyes and started the music for the treatment. I personally loved most of the music and found it went really well with the treatment. (you can find a mini demo of the songs on the site here)

*SPOILER* – please don’t read if you don’t wait to spoil the treatment for yourself.

The treatment consisted of being exfoliated from head to toe in this chocolate scrub and then using hot cloths, removing the scrub and applying rose oil all over. Sounds amazing? Yeah, It was. Leone started with my neck and shoulders and lightly kneaded them like a cat which straight away helped my muscles loosen and the tension just faded away.  She placed her hands on my left arm on top of the duvet and just worked her hands up and down before taking back the duvet and then the towel to expose my arm, and placing the towel and duvet back down. She worked the scrub into my skin giving me a nice massage before placing it back with me under the towel and duvet, and then placed her hands back on top before moving them down to my left leg. She did exactly the same thing running her hands up and down my leg over the duvet and then pulled it back along with the towel to expose my leg only and began to work the scrub in. I loved how that even when she wasn’t applying the scrub her hands were still on me over the duvet as it made the whole thing feel seamless and dreamy rather than stopping and starting. This continued over to my other leg and arm and then back up to my neck/chest area. Each time I only ever had one arm or leg out of the duvet and towel so as a larger lady I didn’t worry at any point about anything being out on show or feeling exposed which was lovely as that meant I just needed to focus on not falling asleep and snoring through the treatment haha.

Once I was all scrubbed, Leone went back to my left arm again, repeating the process taking it out from under the duvet but this time using hot clothes to take the scrub off all over one arm and leg at a time. Then it was time to turn over and do the same all over again but this time just on my legs. After that it was time for the rose oil and oh my god it felt amazing on the skin, and this included my back and it literally felt like she sprouted another 2 arms because the massage was just flawless, how I didn’t fall asleep is beyond me!  My skin felt amazing after the treatment and I really did just drift off into my own little world on the way home. It was 85 minutes of pure heaven..

Now there is a description on the website all about my Comforter treatment as well as this video above by Lush to give you an idea but simply put, it’s amazing and you need to treat yourself to this. End of.

Thank you so much Lush Spa Kingston and Leone for such an amazing afternoon, I can’t wait to see you again, I’ve got my eye on my next treatment called “The Planets” which I’m thinking would be perfect coming into the new year!

Have you ever been to a Lush Spa?