Learning to swim with Konfidence

I’ve always been a strong swimmer both as a child and as an adult. On holidays I was always first in the pool and last out, and I loved it, so it was really important to me that Amelia was just as confident in the water and after she turned 6 months I was keen to have swimming lessons.

I know I’m not the only mum that feels like they are constantly googling things. We were already battling weaning, next was swimming so it was time for me to learn all about babies and swimming. What would I need? What did the water temperature need to be? Did she need a body warmer? Did it need to have floats around the middle? Off to Google I went, But as a mummy blogger couldn’t resist asking the mums on Twitter what their must have swimming essentials were and Sophia recommended Konfidence.


After about 5 seconds I knew I wanted to get our swimming supplies from them and after Sophia kindly introduced me to the Konfidence Team, they were kind enough to send me out their platinum package which I can say with 100% certainty WAS the best swimming starter pack to get!
The platinum package comes with everything you will need for your swimming journey and it was the perfect starter kit to get. As pictured above, you get your choice of Babywarma, AquaNappy and NeoNappy, then you get the Roll and Go Babychanger along with some flashing toys and a Swim bag.


The package was perfect as I was nervous about Amelia being too cold in the pool but the Babywarma Wetsuit ensured she was padded and warm enough, it had adjustable shoulder straps and opens completely flat so it was easy to lay Amelia on it just before our lesson started and took no time at all.

What if she did a poo? Having the AquaNappy under the NeoNappy meant we were protected and could enjoy our lessons without worrying about any accidents and mummy getting banned from Swimming lessons! haha.


The Roll and Go Changing Mat was an unsuspected favourite and was a lifesaver in the changing rooms when I had a Hangry baby on my hands! It’s chlorine-resistant which makes it super easy to clean, and as it’s made from soft neoprene with a close knit warm laminate cover round it, it’s both warm and comfortable for her. It’s got a non-slip back and of course, it rolls up and fits in the swim bag easily, it’s an essential for us!


Sadly we weren’t able to take photos of her in the pool so we only got these changing room shots but, nevertheless a happy girl in the pool! I can’t wait to see how she progresses with her lessons!

Thank you so much Konfidence for giving us the greatest start to our swimming journey! I can’t wait as she gets older, to get her some of the other bits and help aid her swimming!