Keeping it cool during my pregnancy feat Deep Freeze.

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I know pregnancy is a beautiful gift and I thank the stars for this miracle growing inside me but I’d be lying if I said it’s been rainbows and butterflies. It’s been a very bumpy 32 weeks with finding out I have SPD ( gurdle pain ) as well as poor circulation in my legs which have meant everything from the knee down is swollen not to mention 101 other things that I shall save for my pregnancy update that you can read here!

It can be quite overwhelming to make sure your’re eating all the correct things and not taking any medication to harm baby and I’ve heard so many contradicting things, it makes it really hard to know is safe! – Well ladies, it pleases me to tell you that Deep Freeze is fine to use in your pregnancy! *happy cheer*
Anywhere from 13 weeks on wards there is an extra strain on the body and the NHS found that most mums will put on over 20lbs, with most of that weight going on after week 20, and all that extra weight from bump can trigger muscular back pain. Thankfully the Deep Freeze products are the best in my opinion to relieve muscular back pain and the best part is it’s a drug free alternative for us and bump and that’s both the Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patches and Cold Gel. 
I personally avoided any painkillers throughout most of this pregnancy with the odd paracetamol here or there and I had read somewhere that I couldn’t use Deep Freeze and was so upset as it’s my go-to for back and muscle pain, so when I received this amazing package through the door I can’t even begin to describe how happy I was!
Cooling therapy for me is most effective when I have muscular pain as it can decrease the blood flow to the affected area and helps to minimise swelling and inflammation and with my swollen corgi leg’s I’ve got going on, I pretty much want to bathe in the menthol goodness!
Being a larger curvier lady I like using both the gel and the patches and I find I use the gel on those not so smooth surfaces of my skin where my wobbly bits are and use the patches on the flatter bits like the bottom of my back. The patches are super slim and really flexible and they can easily be worn and hidden under clothing with no restriction to movement and once in place lasts for upto 3 hours which is great for when I first get up and I’ve had a shower and get my body moving or last thing at night when I’m getting into bed.
You can get the Deep Freeze Pain Relieve Cold Patch* as a single patch (£1.65) or a 4 pack (£5.49) and the Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Gel* as a 35g (£2.49) and 100g (£4.79)  You can find out more information on
As well as several boxes of patches and a huge gel, Deep Freeze were kind enough to send me a GIANT blue birthing ball with pump which I’m SO excited to use when I go into labour! That will keep my other half quite for a bit whilst pumping that up!  

They were also very kind enough to include this gorgeous Mummy to be Letterbox Gifts set which I shall be featuring in another post once I’ve had a chance to use some of the products!
Deep Freeze gel and the cold patches are an absolute staple for me during this pregnancy, if you are suffering with any muscle aches and pains I thoroughly recommend these products 100%!

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