Jacks Beauty Line Brushes

Jacks Beauty Line Makeup Brushes review LucieLovesIt 2

There is something very majestic about new make-up and this includes make-up brushes. My make-up always looks more flawless if my brushes are clean or If I’m using new makeup, I can’t explain. It’s like when you do exercise and it produces endorphin’s and it makes you feel good? Well I think using new makeup and new brushes makes my endorphin’s go off the chart because I always feel it makes a huge difference!

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Miriam jacks is a make up artist and had the idea of designing a custom brushes line in 2009 when they originally founded their beauty stores in Berlin, She was often on large team photo shoots and everyone always had black brushes and equipment and would often get confusing among all the make up artists which let Miriam inspired to create unique handled make up brushes.

Whilst in Amsterdam earlier this year I picked up 2 brushes from Jacks Beauty Line and I just adore them!  I got one similar to the Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer brush that I’d had my eye on and I must say this blends my eyeshadow so smooth it’s amazing! The other brush is similar to the Zoeva 231 Luxe Petit Crease brush which is perfect if I’m doing a smokey look and want to put colour on my outer V.  It’s also really lovely to see such unique coloured brushes in and amongst my others, they wash really well and they are just beautiful brushes!

What are you favourite brushes?

  • Jenn

    oh these are so pretty! I love how brightly coloured they are! I totally know what you mean about a new brush making all the difference – it’s a real ‘ahhhh’ feeling!