Is the Sleepyhead worth it? – Review

I can hand on heart say, that should anyone ask me what my 100% must haves are for Amelia growing up, I would say her Sleepyhead Deluxe in a heartbeat. It is by far the most useful thing we have for her and with a £100+ price tag, these aren’t words I’d drop lightly.

Before Amelia was here there were so many items that I wanted to buy for  her. I’d read so many blog posts and videos “Your baby will NEED this” and “This was a MUST HAVE for us” and you get sucked in, sure, some are must haves, but the rest are more than likely novelty things and because it’s your first baby, you want to, but do you really need to? No. Well I can’t tell you if your baby will need the Sleepyhead, because every baby is different, but I can tell you, if I could pick 1 item alone that’s gotten me through these past 11 weeks, it’s the Sleepyhead and IF your baby has trouble sleeping then this IS something you need to try because it could change your life…and babies!

So before you even get to my review, you may already be thinking if you can justify the price tag,  and granted,  it is a luxury item and if you’re thinking of buying it before your baby is even here, there is a possibility you could be those 1 in a million parents that are blessed with a baby that sleeps easily but chances are, you’ll be like the rest of us who have a baby that doesn’t. Most babies, especially when they are going through leaps want to be held and rocked to sleep. They want that warmth, they want that contact and how could they not? They’ve had it the past 9 months!  So when your baby has a bad nights sleep, that effects you. If they’re up, you’re up.  If they wont settle to sleep, they’ll soon let you know they are awake. It can feel relentless and as much as we hate to admit it, be frustrating when you’re on day 5 of  another night of 4 hours broken sleep. Now imagine there was something that may help them sleep better. Something that helped keep them asleep when they went down. Now imagine they used it for a week and you suddenly got a bit more sleep, and as they were sleeping more, they were less ratty in the day, which meant you had an easier day.. you can’t tell me you wouldn’t consider spending a little less on that ‘oh so cute dress’ you just saw and invest it in something that will help your child sleep and you  for the next (upto) 8 months?!

So as I started saying at the start of this post, the Sleepyhead has been a life saver for us. Not just in the bedroom for bedtime, but for during the day also, as it’s so portable even with a baby in one arm, I carry it into the living room with me and it sits on the couch with me for when I want to put her down and because of the padded sides, she is perfectly safe if I wanted to take a shower or go out of the room to do housework.  These are also great bumpers next to me in bed as I’ll often lean over and rest my arm on them while attending to her and I’ve fallen asleep holding the dummy in her mouth a few times and having these there has always been really comfortable. Another thing they are great for is tummy time, which is an added little perk!

Amelia isn’t a huge fan of swaddling as she likes to sleep with her arms above her head at night, however she does like being held close, just not her arms, so the Sleepyhead ticks the box of making her feel safe due to it’s shape and design, but not restricted to the point she gets uncomfortable fidgiting about and wakes.  Amelia is such a wriggle bum so I love knowing she is safe in her Sleepyhead which we’ve put in her Chicco Next to Me. It’s the perfect set up for us and whilst she doesn’t sleep all through the night, she loves her Sleepyhead as much as we do and will always drift off in it when she’s tired. We’ve had a couple of upchuck moments in it where Amelia got too excited and puked everywhere and it’s great as it all comes apart in seconds and can be washed in the machine which is handy and great for after she’s had her mini cold to get rid of any lingering germs.

I love all the designs it comes in and that you can purchase other covers too. We’re pretty happy with our grey and white chevron design and I’ll probably get the white one or the same one when we get the grande size when shes a bit bigger. She’s already pretty long as we’ve had to undue the bottom clip so her legs can hang out the bottom which means even though she’s growing fast and getting tall, we’re still getting the most out of it unlike some that don’t un-clip and then become too small for the baby.

All in All, I don’t think I could recommend a product more to try if your baby is having issues sleeping, It’s had such great reviews and I can quite honestly see why. It’s been a 5 star product for us and I can’t wait to come back and tell you guys about the grande size when we get it to let you know if that’s just as amazing for us!

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