The Hush Cushion Review

Sometimes I think holding Amelia is the closest I’ll get to a work out, because boy she is getting heavier by the day, I was starting to get pains in my back from feeding her throughout the night where I’d do it sitting up in bed or sitting on my side of the bed and it was just getting unbearable.

Thankfully I saw Emily post her review about the HushCush and it sounded like it could be the answer to my prayers, or at least help with the pain.

The HushCush has so many great features, it’s great for both breastfeeding and bottle feeding and although we’ve only used it while bottle feeding, I can see how helpful and comfortable Amelia would be using it in that position for a feed.

For me I find it helped my back a little with my posture and keeping Amelia comfortable and well supported. We also found it retained my smell, so on days I was out and Amelia was left with James or my mum etc, if she was going through a leap and being particularly whiny that day the pillow would smell of me to help settle her if she was a bit restless.

Some of the other benefits aside obviously being portable:

– It comes with a removable strap which is perfect for transport.
– It helps reduce reflux and aid in digestion as it helps elevate the baby.
– It relieves pressure so there is no stress point under the Amelia’s head or my arm

Also if you are breastfeeding you would see the added benefits of it encouraging a good latching position as the baby’s head, neck and back are well supported all whilst holding the baby close tummy-to tummy.

Here is a video from HushCush showing just how easy it is to use the pillow to aid with breastfeeding.

  • Bethany Perkins

    That looks fantastic and so comfy for both you and baby! If we have another one this is definitely something I’ll look in to!

  • Mums Space

    This looks fab, my arm always use to ache so much when feeding x

  • Amy

    What a cool thing this is! I’d never even heard of it before but definitely looks like an essential πŸ™‚ ox

  • Emma Parry

    Aw I’ve got this in blue, the pink one is so cute! It is a lifesaver when breastfeeding (as I’m sure it is for bottle feeding too) as baby gets heavier! x

  • Ooh this looks good! I currently struggle feeding Rory during the night as I have nothing to lean on!

  • Charlotte

    I wish I had one of these when Jess was younger because this is a problem in which I used to struggle. Anything to help your posture when you have a bad back you will take.

  • Claire Dunn

    I totally wish I’d known about these when bear was younger & we were breastfeeding, my back used to ache all the time because of feeding & I did find it a little more difficult the bigger he got.

    Now he’s on bottles, he just feeds in a position were both comfy with, he’s really not fussy haha! Xx

  • Kate Kirk

    It looks like it would keep your arm nice and warm too. Does it wipe clean or is it washable? I often used pillows, but both my babies regurgitated milk a lot so not ideal with my lovely sofa cushions!

  • Alison @ Five Little Stars

    This looks so great! I wish it was around when I was breastfeeding. I used our sofa cushions or whatever I could find! I’ll recommend this to friends. Thanks.

  • Lucy Cotterill

    This looks great – I always get pins and needles from holding Neve for so long!

  • Juliet Evans

    i had a similar cushion and found it invaluable. Saved my back and aching arms. My kids were latched on practically 24/7!

  • Emily Nellist

    Oh we have the hush cush – trust me you do get more benefit the older they get because you’re right they’re so god damn heavy hahaha!