Hello January | 2017 Goals

Woo Happy New Year! It’s now 2017 and 2016’s been a great year for me! Three major things happened this year that stand out more than anything, I changed my job and now work in Customer Service which has always been a dream of mine. James and I finally have our own flat just the two of us ( plus Amelia) and it’s just so beautiful, we love it, and lastly, falling pregnant in February and giving birth to our gorgeous daughter Amelia in October.

It’s not been an easy year by any stretch of the imagination. Pregnancy was hard and it seemed I drew all the short straws when it came to bad side effects, however with the pregnancy and labour all behind me, I’m looking forward with my family and excited to see 2017 grow and shape not only me as a person, I’ll be 29 this year so still one more year till the big 30, but also my relationship with James and Amelia and grow as a family and enjoy all the “firsts” that are yet to come with her this year.

In terms of goals, last years goals which you can read in full here, consisted of  :

  • Have fun finding a new home with James and making countless wishlists from Ikea, H&M Home and Urban Outfitters to make it all pretty. Check
  • Find more time for myself and actually GIVE myself that break Check
  • MORE BATHS!  Check
  • Plan the wedding and pick a date for 2017/2018 to tie the knot! – so this is on the back burner..
  • Submit at least 2 videos a month on youtube and get my following over 1000 ( here’s where you could help me out if you’re reading this 😛 )  I didn’t completly do 2 videos a month but I did submit content and I did reach 1000, though I lost a few after..
  • Increase my total blog following to over 10,000 Check

So the only thing I didn’t get to do this year, was plan the wedding but to be honest, we’ve had a baby so I’m not complaining. – Also doing 2 videos a month didn’t quite happen but I had a lot on my plate with the pregnancy so I’m willing to cut myself some slack on that!


2017 Goals?

Well I want to make them achievable and still want to push myself so :

Blog –

  • Increase my total blog following to over 15,000.
  • Use Pinterest to grow traffic to my blog.
  • Start a new series that will allow me to connect with other bloggers and show off their content.
  • Be a more active member of the community and comment on more Instagram posts I like, and blog posts I read.

Project –

  • Take photos of Amelia every week and each month get them printed and add them to a photo Album to document her first year!

Me –

  • Invest a little more in myself and treat myself at least 6 times this year ( that’s once every 2 months )

So here are my goals for the year, what are yours?