Happy New Year / Hello January 2016

Happy New Year everyone! I always love everyone’s positive energy in the new year, all those people who start diets, or start going to the gym. The new year is such a starting point for so many journeys and I’m so excited to see where 2016 takes me!

So a few things will be happening this year which I’m excited to embark on, one of them being officially moving into a flat with my new fiance James. We’ve lived together before for over a year and a half at my mums and lodging but we got evicted this time last year so the only place was a 1 bedroom which James is renting and the lease ends soon so I’m really excited to be reunited with him. It means more home cooked meals for 2 and not 1, extra snuggles and cuddles every night as I fall to sleep and more Netflix/NowTV date nights – Yippee!

WEDDING PLANNING! – It still feels a little crazy to think I’m engaged! James and I are waiting till we’re in our new place before we start planning and setting a date but I’m just so excited – and equally a little scared as I’m such a control freak haha! Would you guys like to see wedding posts and have me document the planning? Let me know! I’ve seen this Wedding planner on Etsy which looks so lovely to just document everything in and keep keepsakes etc. Super stoked to plan everything with James!

I’m going to be focusing a lot more time on me in 2016 . For too long now work came first and I never really find time to switch off, I have a full-time job where I work 50+ hours a week and one time I had been promising myself a nice lovely bath with a Lush bath bomb and I spent a whole 3 weeks not being able to  “find an hour for myself” because my time is so precious and when you think about it, it’s actually a bit of a joke. So more pamper evenings, more baths and more Lucie time for 2016.

This year I also want to put more time into making videos. I want to upgrade to a Mac at some point, I always feel I connect with people face to face and my personality really gets to shine through, plus I love making videos, I also secretly hope that by December 2016 I could be doing vlogs but lets just start with a few videos a month to start! I’d love it if you could follow my youtube channel and check out my videos and let me know any you might like to see!!!

2016 Goals summary

  • Have fun finding a new home with James and making countless wishlists from Ikea, H&M Home and Urban Outfitters to make it all pretty.
  • Find more time for myself and actually GIVE myself that break.
  • Plan the wedding and pick a date for 2017/2018 to tie the knot!
  • Submit at least 2 videos a month on youtube and get my following over 1000 ( here’s where you could help me out if you’re reading this 😛 )
  • Increase my total blog following to over 10,000


What are your goals for 2016?


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