Getting sleep when pregnant feat La Aquarelle





From the second trimester on wards I’ve probably heard the words “Make sure you sleep when baby sleeps” almost 100 times but what people don’t talk about is how to get enough sleep before the baby even arrives when you’re struggling!

For me, since we moved into our new flat at the end of July (I was about 28 weeks by this point) it’s as if my sleep patterns changed and I was more sensitive to noises or I couldn’t seem to fall into a deep sleep and with that, my heartburn has come back. I’m necking Gaviscon like Tom Hanks in Castaway drinking that first coconut, and if I’m not getting up due to heartburn, I’m getting up for the toilet. My bladder seems to have shrunk so I’m getting up to pee every 2 hours, sometimes i’ve been able to pee 3 times in the space of 20 minutes. During the day however, it’s as if my bladder grows a bit so I can sleep for longer periods ( like 3 hours ) before I have to pee again.  It’s enough sleep to get by but feel like I’m always running on empty and never fully feel energised!

I started trying some different things, a warm drink before bed, a little “me time”, some music/white noise but nothing seemed to help me sleep deeper or trick my bladder into holding it. A few weeks ago I found that La Aquarelle – A hand-made eco sleep masks brand started following me on Instagram and I saw they had these beautiful hand dyed masks using plants and herbs that can help have a better nights quality sleep whether that’s for 3 hours or 8!  They very kindly got in touch with me to review one of their masks and I fell in love with this gorgeous blue mask and it’s now become a staple product in my sleeping routine!

For me even though I’m still only getting a few hours of broken sleep each night, having my mask I find it’s a lot easier to get back to sleep between getting up to chug Gaviscon or spend a penny and it’s SO comfortable I barely feel it on. In a weird way, I almost feel like I’m pampering my eyes whilst I’m catching Zz’s with this on and I always feel less tired if I’ve used the mask. Seeing as I’m able to get more sleep when it’s lighter out, this also means it’s dark for me whenever I choose to try to catch up with some sleep!

 La Aquarelle products originated a few years ago, when the owner was having sleeping problems due to several reasons; Stress, a bright and noisy environment, hot temperature etc. She bought ear plugs and wanted to buy a fine quality sleep mask. Her eyes were sensitive so she needed a breathable natural fabric for the mask. She tried a few but they were either warm or too thin and just let the light through or not very adjustable.

In the end, she created a mask for herself and then was unable to stop! She began experimenting with natural dyeing of fabrics as she’s a big fan of the natural world and began plant dyeing.  It’s not just 100% chemical free but the dyes have even pharmacological effects and possible health benefits that are used in traditional medicine.

Her mask is soft, breathable and doesn’t irritate the skin. They are super stylish and feel so luxurious to wear for a better nights sleep and I’d 100% suggest giving them a try if like me you’ll try anything to get the best sleep possible when you are able to sleep!