Getting back to blogging after having a baby!

It’s almost been a month since Amelia has been with us and today was my first day alone just her and I. They say to sleep when baby sleeps but I’m just too proactive for that, I’ve got 101 things to do whether that’s round the house doing washing and cleaning or remembering what we needed for our next Tesco order that I need to do online and going backwards and forwards adding things as I keep forgetting!

One of the main things I’ve been looking forward to, is getting my blogging mojo back and just finding some time to take photos and plan posts and organise all the reviews I’ve got lined up, so I thought I’d share with you some things that have helped me with slowly getting my blogging mojo back.

Your Workspace – Having a clean and tidy area is key for me as a clean desk is a clean mind…she says with a current messy desk! I’m currently using my white beauty dresser from Ikea which has all my makeup in the drawer but works as a desk for the time being. Ideally James and I would share a desk to free up space in our living room but we always have a problem as I’m short and he’s tall so we would need an adjustable desk like this Rise desk; a perfect bit of office furniture Not only can you adjust the height on it which already makes it perfect for us, but you can choose your design and pick what finish you want as well as the legs, backing, and table top ( just in case white isn’t your thing 😛 ) as well as being able to choose which depth is best for you, although, I’d personally love a glass desk.

Comfort is Key – This seems like such a basic thing to say, but if you are going to be at your desk for a longer period of time, you want a chair that’s comfortable, one you could sit in for hours and not even have to think about it. I personally like a chair on wheels and depending on the width of the seat ( because I have a lot of junk in my trunk ) I would usually prefer a chair with arms, and a head rest that can be adjusted to suit me like the Ikon1 which is a great if you like modern office chairs.  If it’s a small chair seat, the arms dig in to my thighs/hips and it’s just not a comfy place which means I won’t be in it long enough to edit a photo let alone crack out some inspirational posts!

Getting Organised – Last year I found the brand Ban.Do, who for me have done the best diary EVER, so much so I went and purchased myself a giant desk diary to keep me organised and it’s been so handy to keep track of all my doctors appointments and bills coming out. It has everything I need from a month to view planner at the start of each month, as well as a week to view and a section for notes each month.  I can’t wait to use it into the new year to keep track of all Amelia’s play dates and milestones as well as planning blog posts and scheduling!! Now you can get the large diary like mine here or check out some of their other amazing diary’s and bits! The website is a creative goldmine if you like brightly coloured things!

Clutter isn’t cool – Sometimes keeping minimal things on your desk is key. As I’m currently using my desk as a beauty station also, I would get makeup on it or leave makeup brushes and lipsticks on it if I’m in a rush so it’s important to take an extra 5 minutes to put everything away when your finished leaving your desk clean and clutter free and ready to use for next time. Storage is great be it for on the desk like the famous Muji Draws we all know and love, or even bigger storage like these Shine Credenza Units, the ideal office storage solution! Perfect for our living room keeping everything looking tidy and chic!

Inspiration  – I’d love it if my desk area looked half as good as the ones on Pintrest, however I’m a busy messy gal and usually, it ends up with piles of papers and empty glasses all over it with scattered uncompleted todo lists. I’ve recently started a mini DIY project as I came across Urban Decay’s wire wall grid and wanted something similar above my desk along with some artwork. I love nothing more than a witty slogan or pretty picture and these prints from Desenio are giving me life. I highly recommend checking them out for frames and prints. We even got some cheeky prints for Amelia’s Nursery and can’t wait to show you them in her nursery tour post.

 Planning is key – So at the moment I have idea’s coming out of my ears and it’s usually right around the time I go to feed Amelia and look at that, no hands free! Next thing I know I’m off thinking about the next thing and it just passes me by.  I’m big on using my voice memo on my phone since having Amelia as she’s always keeping my hands busy so sometimes I just need to make a verbal note of a post or idea. Then it’s a case of maybe spending an hour or so taking photos, then spending another hour or two another day editing them and then they are ready to go into a post and get written. It takes time as time is so precious so doing bits in bulk helps.

I am enough – Sometimes we’re our own worse critique and we pick apart our photography and posts and in doing so, create more work and pressure for ourselves. You don’t need 20+ photos in a post, You don’t need it to be over X amount of words to be perfect. Sometimes the best posts are the honest ones that are raw, short and sweet. So don’t worry that your posts aren’t good enough, they are!

No Pressure – Above all else, make blogging work in with YOU, not the other way around. It’s all too easy to feel pressured to do a post each week, Let it happen when it happens and don’t worry, your readers DO understand you have a baby and are responsible for a little human and sometimes, time gets the better of you and you wont of had a moment to do a post. It’s ok to miss one out. Don’t let the pressure of blogging get to you. Let it happen and you’ll find the posts come easier too 🙂

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