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Skincare has been a huge part of 2015 for me and it’s something I want to step up now we’re in 2016. I’ve been using The Full Monty Multi-Brush by Magnitone for 6 weeks now and I’m in love, borderline obsessed.

Now I know I’m not alone when I say I love nothing more than coming home after a long day and taking off my makeup. I really do love taking my time when I take my make up off and like to use a cleanser with my Monty Yes that’s his name, followed by toner and a mask and in my skin feels cleaner and fresher than ever, I’m even finding my makeup applies better.

The Full Monty has a unique combination of pulsed vibrations and sonic oscillations that wobbles dirt out of pores, tones and boosts micro-circulation which is great because it’s not just for the face! Monty has 3 functions; Facial Cleanser, Body exfoliator and Pedi-Buff,  each function having its own brush head! There are 5 modes; Facial Cleanse – Sensitive, Daily Cleanse & PulseLift Toning and the Exfoliate & Pedi-Buff.

I love the fact it has changeable brush heads and there’s also a wireless usb charging cradle as well as a 12 month warranty card and MyMagnitone Members Card inside. After hearing so much hype about The Full Monty from other bloggers and online it didn’t disappoint. I know I’m going to continue to use Monty to keep my skin the best it can be for 2016 and I don’t have to worry about over using it because you can purchase each of the 3 brushes in packs when the heads are getting a little worn! Going back to not using Monty just isn’t an option!  You guys all told me on twitter you wanted to see my latest skincare routine so that will be up on my youtube channel soon so be sure to follow me ( link here ) so you don’t miss a video as it would mean a lot to me!


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