Soft lips, Dr. Paw Paw’s Orders

Dr Paw Paw review Fatbeautyx

Dr Paw Paw review Fatbeautyx 3

It’s officially that time when I’m reaching for a lip balms over a lipsticks and the main two I’m reaching for are by Dr. Paw Paw.  Yes its another one of those amazing products that double up into a 20-in-1 product that you WILL end up buying because the hype is too strong with this one.

Dr. Paw Paw is not just a lip balm, It’s also a skin, heel and nail balm! They are made from  natural ingredients including Pawpaw, Olive Oil and Aloe Vera Oil! The main ingredient is fermented PawPaw, the fruit of the plant Carica Papaya. The Pawpaw has been found to have many soothing properties for our skin and hair, and now you can see why it’s my go-to product for my lips at the moment! There is nothing I love more than a dark berry lip this time of year and I always want to keep my lips moisturised and ready to avoid cracked dry lips!

The original balm is clear and could even be used as a form of primer on the face or smoothing serum on those frizzy split ends for a smoother glossy shine! As well as the Original Balm they have a Tinted Peach Pink which I also have and a Tinted Red Balm so for those that want to nourish as well as have colour one of the tints might be for you!

  • UmmBaby

    Haha! I was going to say, as I saw your post come up on my feed: “Ooh I keep seeing this Paw Paw stuff all over the place” and now I come learn that I will deffo buy it anyway because the hype is real…so yeh, I don’t really know what else to say. I guess I will have this in my hands soon. Thanks Lucie 😉

    Sal xxx

    UmmBaby Beauty ¦ @ummbaby:disqus

    • Sal it’s worth it! The hype is real! haha If you do get it you’ll have to let me know what you think! xx

  • Rachael McClenaghan

    They sound so lovely! Can’t beat the aul lip balms around this time of year! Got to love them!

    Rachael x | N o v e m b e r S t o r m s | | I n s t a g r a m |

    • They really are so good! Can’t beat having soft lips in winter! haha xx