Date Night on a budget with a Baby

Since having Amelia, James and I knew our relationship might take a hit. I had such a traumatic birth (which you can read about here), healing took months and if I’m honest, I’ve only just recovered a few months ago and even now i still get this burning pain on my c-section when I get up out of bed.


 Amelia is now 8 months and I’m back at work after my Maternity Allowance finished and money is tight. So how do James and I keep the flame alive you ask?  Budget Date Nights!


We all have our own go-to date night, for some it’s their local pub for a meal and drink and for others it’s a movie snuggled on the couch, It’s just about finding what your budget allows and actually making the time for one another around those busy lives and baby bedtime routines!


James and I are pretty big on or gadgets and anything technical so we have a lovely large Panasonic 4K TV and several gaming consoles, so for us these days, a budget date night is usually something infront of the TV, either a movie or some co-op game – yes we’re one of those gamer couples! By the time we’ve both got home from work, one of us has bathed Amelia and the other has done dinner, we eat and wash up and the rest of the time is our own so we’d rather not waste it getting ready to go back out, we’d rather stay home as if need be, we can pause anything it if Amelia stirs.


Netflix returned to our lives whilst I was on Mat leave and It’s been a godsend as we’ve both got our own profile ( Including Amelia’s profile for her to watch Peppa Pig and My Little Pony)  and the TV Shows seemed to have expanded vastly so watching a TV series together means 1 or 2 episodes an evening, we can switch off and cuddle on the couch till we’re tired and for us, it’s the least effort, with maximum time together with no money spent.


We are fans of the candle lit dinner. Sometimes it’s nice to just talk and catch up with work and future plans for the upcoming weeks so just by lighting a few candles on the table, chucking on some playlist off Spotify that we both like and sitting down to dinner at the main table. I’ll usually get a steak for us when we’re having a more romantic meal and usually time this for a weekend as i like to ensure I’ve been able to take some Lucie minutes and switch off being a mum and worry about shaving my legs, painting my nails, washing and straightening my hair and of course, new bed sheets to fully enjoy my shaven legs haha.


Another favourite of ours, especially in this weather is going into town and visiting our local park at the weekend. We take a mini picnic for us and snacks for Amelia and enjoy our time together, the three of us out of the house. Sometimes we get caught up in our routine and its nice to leave it at home and just go out.


What are your date night of a budget with a baby tips?

*This post was in collaboration with Panasonic.