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I can remember when I was younger I’d always have a pair of gold earrings in my ears, studs or hoops, I loved watching my mum try on pairs at home and growing up there isn’t a picture where I didn’t have earrings in. 

 After teenage rebellion kicked in and I got my first facial piercing at 16, and I began to wear silver and following that my jewellery became more alternative like skulls or “emo/ scene kid” jewellery from Claire’s Accessories and at some point along the way my ears decided they didn’t like the cheap earrings you can buy at Primark in multipacks or anything that wasn’t gold or silver so I’d often wear sterling silver bars from my local tattooist as my ears are full of piercings anyway and to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I wore a nice pair of earrings so my little lobes have been bare for quite some time!
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When Browns Family Jewellers offered me the chance to review a pair of Diamond earrings I practically jumped at the chance.   I was sent these gorgeous Diamond Cluster Halo Earrings* and are just simply dazzling. They have been crafted in 18 carat white gold and I just love the cut of the diamond with the halo of smaller diamonds around it, the diameter of the halo 4mm x 4mm and the length of the post approximately 1.1cm, so they are the perfect size for everyday wear.

They really do add some sparkle to my outfits and are even more perfect at the moment as all I seem to do is wear my hair up off my face. Since putting them in my ears I haven’t taken them out, unlike all the last earrings,they are itchy and uncomfortable so it’s been a lovely to have such beautiful earrings grace my ears again that I can just simply enjoy wearing and look great in.

I have well and truly fallen in love with these simpe yet sparkling diamond earrings and I can’t see them coming out any time soon! If quality is something you are looking for when buying your new or pre-owned contemporary or vintage jewellery then Browns Family Jewellers really is a site you should visit!


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