Bravo to Bravado! – Best Nursing Bra

If you’re a regular on my blog and have been following my pregnancy you’ll know it’s not been rainbows and butterflies as I’ve had several issues.  Thanks to Bravado I can happily say comfort after giving birth isn’t massively one of them, in the boob area anyway, and that’s thanks to their amazing Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra.



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As a plus size woman, I was concerned with finding a nursing bra that fit, and thankfully Bravado brought out a 2x size in their Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra*,  meaning Lucie could rest easy, her heavy boobs were taken care of for their nursing needs. Whilst I haven’t gone into detail regarding feeding on any of my posts, the nipple was something Amelia took to immediately however it was finding a position that was comfortable for us both that was the hard part, We ended up using a rugby style position which meant I couldn’t just have her under my top in the hospital and I’d end up just sitting up with nothing on and breastfeeding.

With the Signature nursing bra I could sit there in my bra and easily just unstrap one of the panels and allow her to feed keeping the other covered, and me a little warmer! The bra feels so comfortable and super supportive which is everything you want from a nursing bra, especially if you’re already contending with sore boobs and nipples.

It has light moulds in the bra cup to help mask any showing of hard nipples, nipple pads or the soothing nipple rings. It has adjustable straps, 4 clasps at the back and a lovely thick band for all the way round including the sides, so there is no flab overhang.  Unlike any other bra I know, the bra not only has your back and front while you’re nursing but once you’ve stopped you can remove the plastic clips and cut out the inner material and put on the Bravado B clips to reattach it and then use the bra as a normal bra from there on out! It even has this handy conversion kit to walk you through it.

I’m a size 26 top and wear somewhere between a 40-44F as a bra and this fit perfectly for me in the 2X however you can see their conversion size chart to ensure you get the right size. I personally will be getting a few more as they had this gorgeous berry colour that looks lovely!

If you’re looking for a nursing bra I highly recommend checking out Bravado’s Signature Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra!

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  • Rachel Bradford

    This looks brilliant, and I love the idea that you can have it as a normal bra when you’re done breastfeeding.

    Rachel //

  • Emily Nellist

    We love Bravado too, I think the conversion aspect is just amazing, you don’t feel it’s s waste as you can use it for ages!!

    Emily //

  • Jenna Richards

    Very clever that you can convert the bra from nursing to non-nursing! I have about three breastfeeding bras that I’m wearing on rotation at the moment – they’re not very supportive unfortunately so will have to check out the bravado range.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  • Kirsty McManus

    These look great – so many little features that mean you’ll actually get wear out of it for ages!! Ps lovely nail colour girl👍🏼

    Kirsty |

  • Ooh these look sooo comfy, what a brilliantly idea that you can convert them too! ,

  • I could definitely do with this, my bras are killing now plus give no support so my boobs are at my knees! xx
    Glossy Boutique

  • Amy

    These look so comfy. I found nursing bras to be so unattractive looking 😐 but so comfortable haha! So I do still wear mine on days when I’m just at home! ox

    Amy |

  • Emma Parry

    Ah I love these bras. They are so comfy! x

  • L i s a – C o w a n

    These look comfy! If I was breastfeeding I’d probably give them a go! Great post hun XO

    Lisa ||

  • Oh that’s fab that you can convert it to a normal bra once you’re done! It looks really comfy. I keep meaning to get a new better fitting nursing bra so I’ll take a look.

    Debbie x |

  • Oh this would of been fab for when I was nursing leanora. I used the M&S ones, but is it bad to say, I still wear them lol! A great post x


  • Claire Louise

    I find bras so uncomfortable at the best of times never mind during pregnancy and I can’t imagine what it is like while nursing. I’ve been hunting for a good nursing bra for a while so I’m glad I’ve spotted this!

  • MaisyMeow

    I struggled to find good nursing bras when I was trying breastfeeding – this one looks really good!

  • WOW! Looks very beautiful, comfy and supportive 🙂 The color and design are fabulous. Also, Material is qualitative. Nice one!