Brand Loves | Society 6

I had to do a post on Society 6 today as I’m just in love with everything! It was so hard not to link to everything! I always love looking at home decor and artwork and as James and I will be moving in together next year, we are currently on the hunt for lots of bits for our new place.

I’m excited to get my work space back and begin to fill up my photo wall with inspirational artwork and motivational and quirky quotes I’ve been collecting. I always find if I have a great surrounding and I make it my own, I work more productively.

Next week is Upgrade time for me too and I’ve got my eye on the Iphone 6s+ so I’m already checking out new phone cases everywhere to get one ordered for when I get my upgrade.

Here are all the bits I’m loving from Society 6… well.. the smaller version because this post might of been never ending. If you haven’t been on their website you need to go NOW! go go!

society 6 pillows

Gold Herringbone $20 (link) | Thug Life $20 (link) | Treat Yo Self – G&T $20 (link)

Marble $20 (link) | Carpe $20 (link) | The Adventure Begins $20 (link)

Past my bedtime $20 (link) | Treat Yo Self – Gold $20 (link) | Botanic Wars $20 (link)

Black + on White $20 (link) | Killin’ It $20 (link) | + on mint  $20 (link)

societ 6 art prints

Little & Fierce $18 (link) | I love you  $20 (link) | Love Wish Lanterns $19 (link)
Reassurance $15 (link) | The Lights $16 (link) | Heart Graphic $20 (link)
Dreams Don’t Work $15 (link) | Little Things $20 (link) | Cat Print $20.80 (link)
Hustle $18 (link) | Killin’ it $18 (link) | Create something $18 (link)

societ 6 Iphone6s

Real Marble $35 (link) | Botanic Wars $35 (link) | Marble & Coral $35 (link)
Love of a flower $35 (link) | Minimal mint stripes $35 (link) | Kawaii Ghibli $35 (link)
Each Moment $35 (link) | Mint + Gold Tribal $35 (link) | Polka dot rain dip $35 (link)
Marble Collage $35 (link) | EYE $35 (link) | I’M NOT ALWAYS A BITCH $35 (link)
Killin’ It $35 (link) | star stuff $35 (link) | Lipstic Vogue $35 (link)

Here are just a few bits I was loving, let me know if you like them too and go check them out!

  • I love all these pillows! Will definitely check out the site 🙂 x

    • The pillows are gorgeous! Can’t wait for me and the fella to get our place next year so we can get some of these! x

  • Jenn

    I’m becoming obsessed with prints at the moment, my partner says we’re going to run out of wall space soon! That cat print is cute and I love the lipstick phone case!


    • haha the cat print is the CUTESTS! They have so many more haha you wont have any wall space left if you go through all the pages like I did 😛 x

  • I love the first two prints – definitely want some to liven up my bedroom 🙂 I need a marble phone case too! Love the Treat Yo Self cushions too haha xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | Zoeva Giveaway

    • They really are so lovely, I’ve got a few in my bedroom now in Ikea frames and they give my desk area new life! 🙂 xx

  • You’ve selected such a beautiful collection here – I honestly can’t say there’s one thing that I don’t want/need/want to run and buy right now.

    Just found your blog via Twitter – you’ve got a new follower! 🙂 x

    Lucy Amelia | flawedfairytale

    • Aw well hi Lucie! *waves* lovely to have you hear! I hope you continue to enjoy my posts! I always love comments too so thank you! – I love ALL their stuff, it was so hard to pick just those things! Could deffo do some damage! xx

  • Love the art prints in particular!

    Jabeen x