Brand Love – LizzieVintage

We were recently offered to review some items from an Etsy shop called LizzieVintage, as much as I love shopping with big brand names and browsing catalogues whilst in bed with a hot chocolate, folding page corners and planning how to spend my next monthly maternity allowance, * that’s going straight in my basket*  there is something really fulfilling about purchasing from a independent business owner.

Money is tight with a newborn, and we’ve changed our lifestyle to manage, but truth be told we struggle financially,  and although James earns a nice wage, it just about covers our rent and my maternity allowance covers bills and then that’s it. We very rarely have money left to save, I can’t tell you how long I’ve needed a pair of trainers for god sake and I just can’t justify spending the money on me, but just purchased a £60 jumparoo for Amelia.. go figure. I can’t stress how many times a day I think about what business I could start, and could run from home to help bring money in and ensure that I could enjoy my time off and take my full maternity leave without worrying about returning to work early, ( and being able to buy some sodding trainers) so being able to support Lizzie’s business really means a lot to me and I’m honoured she asked us to help spread the word about her amazing talented handmade items.

Now I don’t mind admitting that I’m very picky when it comes to clothes, I think we all are secretly, but I’m a lot more honest and vocal about it, so when we were asked to review some items I was a little worried as I wasn’t sure there was going to be anything that I liked, but thankfully I absolutely adore Lizzie’s items and we went with a pair of Crocheted dungarees and a teething necklace. When it came to choosing the colour, Lizzie assured me she used the softest acrylic wool and proceeded to show me the most gorgeous colours to choose from, as it happened the colour that I liked she didn’t have so went out of her way to buy it just to ensure it was in the colour I wanted… I mean… you show me a store in the highstreet that would re-make a jumper for you in a different colour!  I went with the silver and as I’m sure you can see from the pictures below.. Amelia looks SO FREAKING CUTE!!! I JUST CANT!

Sorry, I had to compose myself, I can’t even relay how many compliments I’ve had for Amelia in this outfit when we’ve worn it or from the pictures and, I mean, I think I have a cute child, but she looks especially cute in the little photoshoot we did in Lizzie’s items and I just get really excited when I see them or talk about them haha. I’ll stop now and carry on with the review haha.

So Lizzie was very thorough and we spoke about measurements as she wanted to ensure they would be the perfect size for Amelia and she even went ahead and added on some length to the bottom as I made a point of saying Amelia is often going up sizes due to her long legs so she made them and rolled them up with a cute little cuff so we can get even more wear out of them! These are going to last us ages as we found them a tad big up top anyway as Amelia seems to have a short top but long legs ( god Amelia, had to be difficult :P) and the length was so generous, however I’m so excited as we wont have to pass them onto someone when she gets bigger, I can see these fitting well into when she’s 6-9 months which means MORE CUTENESS ;x haha.

Along with the dungaree’s I happened to make mention that we wanted to get a bow that matched and enquired if she did them, and boy did she! She was  happy to include a bow with our order to review and oh my god… FINALLY a bow that stays where it’s suppose to and doesn’t dig in leaving her with a giant red mark! It also has a little stretch to it so whilst it’s a tad loose now, I know will fit us for a while ( unless everyone keeps telling her how gorgeous she is and she gets an even bigger head 😛 ).

My teething necklace was perfect, and yes I say MY, I mean it was only fair as Amelia got a new outfit, even if she would be using this necklace more than me haha. Lizzie was so patient whilst sending over pictures of all her beads and letting me pick colours and combinations. Most people at this point may of felt a tad uncomfortable dictating what they wanted, to try this and try that and take photos to visualise but Lizzie made it effortless like she was my skilled bestie of years just casually making us something and it was so lovely to be made to feel like I wasn’t being fussy or particular, even though I was.

There really is something great about buying from independent sellers and brands and l just felt this was all so personal and the entire experience has just been so lovely. Working with Lizzie, there was so much choice and attention to detail I felt like a VIP and got notified every step of the way with my order. It’s the type of service that will make me go back – because Amelia obviously needs headbands in every colour..right?

I can only hope you’ll agree with me when I say I’m just amazed at the skill and just how beautiful these are, and how gorgeous my little girl looks in them 🙂

Now not only has Lizzie been kind enough to let me give my readers 10% off an order using the code “lucie10” but there is also a giveaway to win 2 crocheted items of your choice below so don’t forget to enter!

2 X Crochet items of choice ( Headband, hat, bootie set )