Best Mum Brunch with I Just Love It & Historic Newspapers!

February last year I was invited to an event with the brand I just love it who specialise in personalisation with loads of great items and their evening was all about creating the perfect personalised pizza which was such a great way to introduce their site! ( You can read my post on the evening here ).

 The day after the event I found out I was pregnant which was quite a shock and I can remember it took ages to write the event blog post as I think my news sort of froze my blogging and everything else entirely! I was so embarrassed, but delighted to hear back from I Just Love it, roll on 1 year to today, I attended the #BestMumBrunch event with I just love it  and Historic Newspaper in time for Mothers day, to shine some light on some of the personalised items that are just perfect for the occasion. It honestly couldn’t have been a more perfect timing, as this is my first year as a Mum and seeing as it’s our one year pregga-versary with I Just Love It, what better way to spend it then celebrating with lots of Mummy bloggers at an amazing Mummy brunch.
I was so amazed when I sat down and found that there was a newspaper from the Daily Mail dated back to the day I was born, Everyone had one (I did wonder why they wanted my birthday) – now I’ve had a flick through and I can safely say nothing interesting happened that day apart from my birth. My Dad and Step Mum purchased a paper on Amelia’s birthday to keep so it will be nice to frame them side by side and put up somewhere!
It was so empowering being around so many creative and hard working Mummy bloggers, being a mum is a hard task in itself but to be a blogger too, finding the time to take photos and edit them, write a post and schedule you’re social media, and lets not forget spending time reading other peoples blog, commenting on their latest post or tweet. The food was amazing and I was in avacado heaven when they brought out their trays of it on ciabatta with tomatos.. it was a treat to get a hot drink, let alone getting fed too!
I got so many gorgeous personalised goodies in my little goodie bag and with Mother’s Day coming up I Just Love it and Historic Newspaper are 2 great places to look for some personalised gifts to ensure a special treat for your mum ( or nan) this Mothers Day!