Beau’s Isabelle Changing Bag Review

Just before Amelia was born, I spent a good few weeks trying to find the perfect baby bag. I didn’t think I’d even get one truth be told, Me? I’d just shove it all in my Primark rucksack and carry it all in there, but it’s only once she arrived did I realise how naive I had been. The control freak inside me alone needed to have a new bag where everything had its own compartment or zip pocket. I didn’t want to spend 5 minutes digging around each time looking for what I wanted.

Leaving the house for the first time to go into town left me feeling very anxious as you literally run through every scenario in your head so you just might possibly be prepared for every event. That’s when the ” Just In Case” sets in.

I’ll need maybe 2 nappy changes? No worries, I’ll bring 6. What if we get poo on her outfit? It’s ok! I’ll bring 2 spare vests and sleepsuits!  Oh man, what if I drop her dummy? Oh wait, I’ll just bring 4 to keep us covered.. just in case.

The Isabelle Changing Bag* from Beau was exactly what I needed to help stop me feeling so anxious. It’s a gorgeous bag and there is a space for everything so I can be organised and prepared without bringing twelve of everything.


The Isabelle Canvas Changing Bag is perfect for any new first time mums or even if this isn’t baby number 1 and you want to treat yourself to a new fashionable bag, this could just be the one for you. It can also be used as a hospital bag. Double whammy!

The bag itself contains what they call an “organiser” with its gorgeous black and cream stripped design, which pops into the bag via 3 poppers on either side and contains several different pockets. Simply un-pop the organiser on one side to use it as both a handbag and baby bag or un-pop both and take it out all together to use it just as a bag! It can easily fit a laptop or tablet and all your baby needs for the day so no need for 2 bags!





The Beau organiser has a multitude of – pockets and if that wasn’t enough, it comes with a leatherette tan and nylon changing mat organiser with zip pockets. For me this was great, one weekend I had gone into town to meet my Mum for lunch so instead of having to wheel everything in, or even take the whole bag AND Amelia, I could just pick this up which was packed with a nappy, nappy sack , wipes and nappy cream just in case.




The bag had a few other added touches like a leatherette tan bottle warmer and clip on pouch making it easy for putting in keys or money in, Side pockets for an easy grab phone or oyster card.

All in all I love this bag and I think if I could change one thing it would be the Grey colour as it slightly clashes with our purple iCandy, I wish it was in black, however this wont stop us using it and loving it as it’s been a godsend and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

I lastly just want to thank Baby Beau for their patients, I’ve had this bag over 7 weeks and really wanted to try it out once Amelia had arrived before reviewing it and they were kind enough to be patient with me as I had a very long labour and recovery so I haven’t been out much to use it as much as I’d of liked but now It’s a firm fixture with us on our outings!



  • Rachel Bradford

    Such a great post and the bag looks fab. It’s almost amazing how much stuff they need!!!

    Rachel //

  • That bag looks amazing! I was surprised how hard it is to actually find a changing bag! Mr B thought they were all ‘too handbagy’ This one looks so spacious too! xx

  • This is such a gorgeous bag! Looks perfect with the pram too. I love that it has lots of different compartments so you know where everything is xx

    Glossy Boutique

  • Kirsty McManus

    This is lovely – I love changing bags that don’t look like changing bags! I’m still yet to pick a proper one up – will have to maybe add this to my Christmas list, see if Santa will bring me one…
    Kirsty |

  • daisy walters

    I love the Beau bags, part of me wishes I’d got one but sadly I didn’t have the money to splash out! 🙁

    Love from Daisy xxx

  • Jenna Richards

    Oh this bag is gorgeous – totally the kind of style I’d go for (and I’m really fussy with changing bags). I love the accessories you get with it too. No wonder you won’t leave home without it!

    Jenna at

  • Wow, that bag is so stylish, you’d never even think it was a changing bag! Handy with all the pockets too.

    Lyndsay xx

  • Amelia

    This bag looks like a great size and looks really stylish. I love that it doesn’t even look like a changing bag.
    Amelia |