Amelia – The Wild One

Much like all the monthly updates I’ve done and every other mum blogger writes, they all start the same and there is a reason for it. Time really does fly. I can’t believe my little girl is now one.I have a one year old. It’s just crazy. My updates fell to the wayside once I went back to work much like everything else, but I wanted to do an update for Amelia’s first birthday so here’s where we’re at..


What we’re eating – Amelia loves her Weetabix, strawberries, toast, ham sandwiches, potato, mini vegies with gravy, fish fingers, pasta, bolognase, mushrooms, carrots, chicken (sometimes), bacon and risotto. In the last two months we’ve started weaning her onto dairy and so far so good. She has been enjoying her yogurts and small bits of cheese and we’ll be trying her on whole milk to wean her off the Similac Alimentum.


What we’re saying – Amelia can say Dada, Daddy, High five (though it comes out huh-fuh), Peppa and reluctantly mama. It’s like she knows I’m desperate to hear it! Everything is usually a variation of “Da” though.


How we’re sleeping – Aside from if Amelia is teething, sleep hasn’t been too bad. She’ll happily go down between 6pm and 8pm depending on how she slept or what she got upto during the day, we’ll have a bath, then a bottle to bed, usually around 11 we’ll offer her a dream feed before we go to bed and in most cases she’ll then sleep through till 6am-7am, though recently she’s been getting up at 5am


What we’re doing – Amelia seems to have skipped crawling and gone straight to wanting to walk. She wants to stand all the time and walk around holding a finger in each hand, occasionally will walk a little unsteadily holding 1 finger, but we’re just trying to encourage and support her as much as possible to gain her confidence. I think we’re still a way off because she doesn’t kneel yet so getting up and down isn’t something she does but we’re not sweating it. We’re going her pace and it will happen when it happens.


What we know – Amelia understands “What’s this?” and always looks over at whoever said it. Half the time if you’re saying ‘Hiya’ or ‘Bye’ she’ll wave at you which is so cute. She always looks up if you say light. She’ll often look at the TV if you say ‘Peppa’ and you can almost guarantee a cheesy grin if you whistle the Peppa Pig Theme tune to her. She mimics everything, so if you tap something and then say “Amelia do it” she’ll usually copy. Amelia has started giving kisses if you ask her for one, but we’re still working on that. We High five, low five and we’re currently working on spuds and eskimo kisses. Teaching the fundamentals obviously.


The wild One –

So we had Amelia’s birthday party at my Dad’s and I can’t even stress how amazing it was. My whole family were just spectacular and made the day the most magical day for us, and dare I say, was just as special for them too.

We had so many people – I don’t think we could of fit anyone else into my dad’s living room.

One of Amelia’s amazingly talented Godmothers Paula, is a cake goddess and offered to make her first birthday cake and when I asked for Peppa pig, boy did she deliver.

There haven’t been many times in my life when I’ve not wanted to eat cake, but this was so perfect I hated cutting it, though did delight in eating Peppa’s head.

We had so many friends make the effort to come to us despite the long journey and no amount of thanks conveys just how much we appreciated their presence celebrating this special milestone. I was a tad upset all of James family didn’t come on this special day, but it was their loss. Everyone had so much fun and all the babies had a whale of a time!


We were able to take so many photos and capture so many memories from the day, it was my absolute fear I wouldn’t get any nice photos with Amelia and James or even just one of me and Amelia but thankfully some special moments were captured and every time I look at the photos, it fills my heart with such warmth and joy and knowing we can share these memories with Amelia when she’s older just like we reminisce of the photos of when I was younger with my family, all the nostalgic feels!


  • Gee

    What lovely photographs 😍 They really do grow up so fast don’t they! My little one will say mama but not to me πŸ˜‚

  • Laura Stevens

    Gorgeous pictures, that cake too! Glad she had such a fab birthday x

  • awww looks like she had a fab time, love the little crown! πŸ™‚ x

  • Nadia/Scandi Mummy

    These pictures are just gorgeous! Looks like the best day. Time really flies xx

  • You look such lovely photos at her party! Xx

  • Laura Dove

    Oh look at her little crown! She is so beautiful and that cake looks amazing!!!