Amelia – Two month update

I can’t believe It’s been 2 months already, where does time go? (pretty sure this is how every update post will start!) If you missed our 1 month update you can catch up with that here before reading this, otherwise, Grab a cuppa and come get nosey with what we’ve been upto and loving this past month!

Amelia was weighed in her 7th week and was 11lbs 5oz and 58.5cm

8 weeks for mummy

I can proudly say that these last 4 weeks I’ve haven’t cried everyday like the previous 4 and have managed to keep it together, so I think I can safely say I’ve got past those sodding baby blues.  Amelia crying due to her constipation was a huge trigger for me as well as needing extra time to heal with an infected C-Section, so not moving my normal pace etc definitely had a huge impact on this. I think there is also an element of my personality as I’m quite a control freak and I’m very self sufficient and obviously in these first 5 weeks I wasn’t able to move or go out or do anything like normal, I was relying on family and James when they were around and overdoing it the rest of the time, putting added pressure on myself, but now I’m able to move my normal pace, I’m able to hold Amelia longer and that’s played a huge part in my recovery, although she is such a chunk my little t-rex arms get SO tired! I think also I’m one of those mums that thinks being a “Stay at home mum” means not only taking care of the baby but the house too, so washing, cleaning, cooking and basically being super mum! I’m finding now I put her in her new rocker (find out which one below in our Mummy and Amelia loves for this month) We can go play in the kitchen while I wash up or prepare dinner. I feel like I utilise my time and last week I was able to actually have toast and a hot cup of tea, Yeah!,  that’s right, I said hot,  whilst putting a clothes wash on and ensuring bottles are sterilised for the day, that way if we have an afternoon where Amelia juat wants mummy cuddles I don’t feel bad to sit on the couch the rest of the afternoon. I feel productive and knowing the washing up is done, clothes are drying on the airer, the house Is clean makes me feel in control and it also gives my day a bit of routine and purpose as on certain days we have to play the waiting game till the nurses come to redress my wound so I can’t go out.

8 weeks in and I’ve finished my 3 round of antibiotics, my wound is dare I say it almost healed. At the end of week 6 the district nurses started coming every other day to check and re-dress my wound, which was a great sign to show my wound was healing and matching how I felt improvement wise. Plus it’s been 5 weeks of someone coming everyday and giving me a wax job on my pubes so having that less is a godsend! My wound isn’t causing me any pain anymore, I can get up and down without it pulling and when they are cleaning it, especially over the little hole where my ‘drain’ is for it to leak out all the yucky stuff, it doesn’t make me flinch anymore, if anything the area is still sensitive obviously, but it feels a bit numb. As of week 7 it’s bled a tiny bit and is now just leaking some clear fluid which shows the infection is now gone, * YAY, FINALLY * and it’s just a case of waiting for that to close and heal.

TMI alert #sorrynotsorry, James and I also had sex for the first time in week 6. Side note – It felt nice to have James dropping hints he wanted to have sex. Towards the last 2 months of pregnancy, with all my complications we stopped having it and not for a lack of trying on my part, he just switched off knowing baby was low and worried too much so we basically didn’t touch each other. I must invest in some new slinky slutty ‘I’m a new mum but check out sexy body now’ underwear for next time when …hunger strikes. ANYWAY, How was it? It was sensitive and slightly sore, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that instead of his hand, I kept thinking about all the many nurses that gave me examinations during my induction and I was a bit nervous but all in all, I enjoyed myself…3 not a complete fail 😀

8 Weeks for Amelia

Well, as of week 5, Amelia now wears size 2 nappies AND we are now out of size 1 month sleepsuits as her feet were getting a little squished and her toes were curling, however leggings are fine and her normal vests are fine still in 1 month!  Aw my little chubby bunny is growing!

We had our first smile in week 5 which was after saying her name a few times  whilst recording and since then had a few more which I was able to catch on video which you can see below 😀

 6 weeks old tomorrow and we have just had our first official smile. Words can’t express what a proud mumma I am 😍

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So in love with my little girl. She’s so cuteeeeeee ❤ sounds like a little kitten 😂

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Now in week 7 from what we can tell she’s gone through  leap and has been super clingy, and whiney, she’s hungry but spits out the bottle, then cries till you give it back to her, which of course she then spits out again so it’s made feeding take alot longer with alot more fuss inbetween. The Nuby bibs have been our lifesaver where she’s been so fussy! ( details below in the mummy loves this month)

She’s now out of that leap and it’s like we have a new baby, she even looks different, older even! We put her in a dress last Saturday and she looked all grown up! I’ve popped the pictures below 😀 Her big beautiful eyes really focus on us now and she is turning her head slightly and looking at us when we call her name, she responds so much more to light and sound and thanks to the flashing tiger from her play mat that we attached to her bouncer, she’s giving us more smiles than ever and looks so happy and content!

We’ve been trying to find an evening routine that works for us and for her, even if its not stuck too yet! We are trying to incorporate a bath every night and a bottle before she goes down so I don’t have as many night feeds to do. I’ve also heard mums say the more the baby feeds during the day the better they sleep so I think I’m going to give this a try!

We seem to have put a stop to all the tummy aches now that we have switched to a lactose free milk. We moved onto the SMA Wysoy milk about in week 4 and she was constipated for about 2 weeks whilst getting used to the milk change and we were giving her 1oz of water with each feed so help soften her poo. When the HV came in week 6 we noticed she wasn’t putting on a lot of weight due to the water so came off that as her poo’s were easing and now she’s pooing a lot easier, more regularly and without any tummy aches and pains. We have an appointment on the 3rd of Jan to see the dietitian as we’re going to push to get her milk on prescription to save over £50 a month.

Mummy’s Favourites this month

Johnsons Bedtime Bath | Meying Price Newborn to toddler rocker | Nuby Snug ‘N’ Dry Bibs

Amelia’s Favourites this month

SMA Wysoy milk | Bright Stars Spots and Stripes Safari Activity Mat |