Amelia – One Month Update


One month, one whole month has passed us by already, well I say already, I spent most of her first week in hospital ( You can read all about my labour story here ). Our little A is doing well despite currently battling a cold, gunky eye and constipation, but we’ll get into all that below 😀 Grab a cuppa and come get nosey with what we’ve been upto!

Four weeks for mummy

It feels like so much has happened in these 4 weeks and at the same time, feel like I’ve spent most of them with baby blues crying into my hands and it’s just passed me by. I’ve got a whole other post around baby blues so I shall save the deep stuff for that, but week 1 and 2 seemed to fly by whilst feeling like they were dragging. Everyday was a teary day for me. I was dealing with an infected C-Section, still bitter about James not being there to help as he had to go back to work and it it weren’t for my family coming to help, I don’t think I’d of got passed those 2 weeks intact.

Week 3 and 4 I think the antibiotics kicked in and my wound seemed to of healed more which means I’m a lot more mobile and can almost bend fully to put on socks! HAZZAH! I found that where we were having issues with Amelia when she was crying either with constipation or colic that was a huge trigger for me as there was only so much tummy massaging and bicycle legs I could do till I broke down into tears feeling like I wasn’t fit to be at home looking after my daughter, I wasn’t even looking after myself!

Health wise, it’s been a month today since my operation and I’m currently on my third round of antibiotics as it’s still infected and oozing and very very sore. I have 2 holes in my wound at the moment, one being the “drain” as they call it and the other is where the stitches were removed and the skin broken and flicked up presenting a small hole.  I’m having district nurses come to my house daily to change the dressing and where nobody bothered to shave my vag, I’m getting a shitty wax job everyday too which is….fun!  I can’t really walk for a long period of time (actually I can’t even walk, it’s more of a waddle if I’m honest haha. Sitting and standing are a killer, especially when holding our little chubby bunny but now we’re coming into her 5th week, I’m hoping to have more good days then bad days and just trying to tell myself I’m not failing, I’m doing my best and that I’m not a shit mum.

Four Weeks for baby

Our little Amelia has generally been such a good baby, she’s had feeding issues where we started on the nip, she latched on perfectly after birth and we thought we were doing so well, however it turned out where I had gone through so much and such a traumatic few days prior to then having surgery, it wasn’t too uncommon to not have a good milk supply and luckily I had packed some ready to drink Aptimal first born milk as come 4am the morning after we had her she was starving as she hadn’t been getting enough from my boobs.

We noticed in the first week whilst we were both bottle feeding and breastfeeding that her food patterns were all over the place and as we weren’t sure how much she was getting from my nipple, it seemed to always upset her stomach after she would feed from me so after thinking long and hard, decided to solely bottle feed. This wasn’t an easy choice as I had really taken to breastfeeding, it was such a magical feeling to share with her but it was upsetting her, which was upsetting me and it just wasn’t right for our lifestyle or her little tummy.

Coming into week 2 we noticed she wasn’t pooing and was crying after, and a few hours after feeding, so we incorporated Infacol which helped a little but at least once or twice a day she would cry and I couldn’t do anything and as I mentioned above, this was a huge trigger for my baby blues so we decided to move to Cow and Gate Comfort for colic and constipation and the next day she poo’d 3 times. I don’t think I’d even been so happy to see or smell shit! We had a weeks worth of runny peanut butter curry poo nappies and it was just coming into week 3 we started to notice the crying and upset tummies coming back. At this point we didn’t know if it was colic or gas or constipation as she was both farting, burping and pooing, but she was still having tummy pains and when trying to push something out would scream.

We changed up the Infacol and stopped giving it every feed, we then just tried giving it to her when she would cry and strain and that seemed to help slightly, however we were going through a bottle and a half a week at this point and she was still an unhappy bunny. We were also advised to try other bottles which is such  shame as I thought we LOVED the Nuby bottles and I went out and purchased another 6 bottles as they were doing so well but thinking it was maybe colic, we were advised the Mam bottles and I must say, they seem to suit her a little better as she winds so much better with the mam bottles but that’s just our baby! Wednesday rolled round and after a GP visit to check my wound out and we spoke to them about Amelia, After some research we thought maybe she had a milk intolerance like her daddy as there were a lot of symptoms that fit, so after careful consideration, changed her milk again to SMA Wysoy and we’re hoping we are right about a intolerance.

We noticed the next day on the Thursday her poo looked like soft smooth pebbles and they were formed and squishy and we knew she was a little constipated and then yesterday night she damn near broke my heart with her crying. She was so constipated and had pushed out a poo the size of a button mushroom and my heart just broke as there was bits of blood in the stool and I couldn’t help but wonder if we’ve made the right choice.  We decided to give her a nice bath and then after we dried her off had lots of lovely cuddles and kisses and then gave her a baby massage using the Body Cream from the little gift package we got from Love Boo  ( Thanks Charlotte & Love Boo! ) and she fell asleep whilst I was getting her in her into a fresh sleepsuit.

We’ve currently read so many articles on constipation and what’s worked for all these other babies but after speaking with our Health Visitor have been advised to just give her some cooled boiled water to help and nothing more so that’s all we’re doing.  I’m hoping this all passes in a few more days and we find we made the right choice, thankfully the Health Visitor is coming over Monday so we can let her know how these last 48 hours have gone since her mushroom poo and go from there.

Today is also extra special as not only is Amelia 1 month old, she got registered today so it’s official, Me, James and Amelia are a little family and we took this picture just after to remember the moment 😀


So that’s it in terms of the updates but I have to share with you some of the things we’ve both loved this month and of course, some of our favourite pictures taken this month! 🙂 I hope to be able to do full reviews on the items mentioned below but as I’m sure you appreciate, I’m still healing so any spare time I have is pretty precious and I’m spending it resting, trying to heal and of course having cuddles with my little one so normal blogging will resume in due course 🙂

Mummy’s Favourites this month


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Amelia’s Favourites this month


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