Amelia – 4 Month Update

How is my little princess 4 months already! She was a whopping 15lbs 6oz as of the 20th of Feb and turned 4 months on the 22nd  and feeling as heavy as ever! The past 4 weeks have flown past meaning, it’s time for another update post – all be it slightly late!

The past 4 weeks have brought us more smiles, more noises and the start of a laugh. We have had a little giggle the last week which has been such a delight, although I find myself doing the most ridiculous things in the hopes to make her laugh, so any sign of the slightest amusement on her face turns me into a robot on repeat just waiting for that first belter of a laugh. We keep getting these random cute giggles but no proper laugh yet – Hopefully something we may have nailed by next months update!

Size wise we are in between sizes, she is still growing which is lovely, I really do think she’s going to be taller than me and take after James! We’re wearing 3-6 bottoms which vary in tightness depending on where they are purchased, so our Blade and Rose 0-6 stretchy tights are still our go-to’s if shes not in a sleepsuit. I must admit I do prefer sleepsuits to outfits as although I LOVE how cute she is in a dress, as we can’t find a pair of plain tights that work for us, her legs would get cold so I avoid them. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of cute 6-9 month shirts /jumpers to wear with leggings and her B&R tights and can’t wait to take photos in them all  and share them with you guys in little outfit posts! We’re wearing 3-6 in our vests now too, though could still wear our  size 1 month ones but as she’s quite long it doesn’t cover the nappy at all and now we’re on Similac Alimentum aka POO EXPLOSION MILK, if she does a big one that leaks through the nappy there is nothing preventing it from going everywhere, so we’ve gone into the 3-6. I’ve just snapped pictures and bundled up her bits to sell cheaply for some extra pennies to go towards new clothes or nursery bits so be sure to check out our Preloved Page!

I know they say not to compare babies but we’ve got a few friends that are around Amelia’s age and I’m often comparing the types of things they are doing or learning to help prepare me for Amelia and from what I’ve seen I think were on the right track. She’s really sitting up more and always wants to sit bolt upright when she’s finished eating, we love mirrors and our Jumparoo. Wiggly fingers grab and hold her attention as well as  Mr Lion, who is still our favourite toy!

Teething has certainly caused a few moans and groans. Her cheeks have become more red with her teething now and we’ve found the Bonjela stuff makes her puke, so we’re just on the Dentinox, however it’s not that strong and we can’t have the powders as it contains milk. We’ve just purchased the Anbesol to try the next time teething strikes but hopefully we can stay on top of it without much more aggro!

We’re thinking about weaning now and starting to look at recipes for home made baby puree as I’m thinking it will be easier with Amelia’s milk intolerance and gives us full control! We’re going to be working with lots of amazing brands with this which we’re excited about so stay tuned for some baby food updates 😀

We had our jabs yesterday so today is a Calpol and cuddles kinda day. I’m also bunged up with a cold and it’s my TOTM so I think chocolate and a lazy day on the couch works for me too!

As always, lots of posts I want to do and just never enough hours in the day but I promise normality will resume when I can post more than once a week soon! 17 posts on my “to write” list haha and it’s growing daily! Think I need to pull an all nighter soon and get myself in the groove, but we’re seeing such great results from our E.A.S.Y sleep routine that Amelia is sleeping 10-6 most nights now so that’s my chance to catch up on sleep as I forever feel like I need to.

So here is to another 4 weeks and hopefully lots more to report next month!