Amelia – 3 Month Update

I have a baby that is no longer a newborn, and even tho she’s getting older with each passing day, I already know I’ll always think of her as my little baby. It makes me laugh thinking about it, as my mum always calls me her baby and I’d often eyeroll, but I totally get it now, no matter how old Amelia gets she will always be my baby.

As the proud mother of a 3 month old, I can’t help but feel like I’m back in school for lack of writing, despite the 101 daily note reminders I write myself in the hopes of not forgetting anything, I am constantly learning through each stage of her growth. For example, something I’d never heard of before having Amelia. ‘Leaps‘, What are they? Well according to The Wonder Weeks App, it explains a leap is a mental development the baby goes through, and during this ‘leap’ there are many changes and their brain perceives things it wasn’t capable of perceiving before, the change is so great that their entire world now looks different. So when Amelia seems to be a little more needy, feeding a bit more or less, suddenly seems more fussy, it’s usually a sign shes going through a leap and I often find once she’s past through it ( it’s usually for a few days to a week) she can suddenly do more things.

So in the last 4 weeks I feel like Amelia has grown so much. We’ve noticed she is now holding her head up, a little wobbly at times but she’s so strong. She keeps trying to sit up when we’ve got her half propped up on our lap which is also exciting. These past 4 weeks have also brought on lots of new noises and almost giggling. we’ve had one or two little giggles but no proper giggle or laugh just yet!

There has been a few things she’s started in these last 4 weeks :

  • Blow bubbles and drooling
  • Rocking herself on her rocker kicking her legs back and forward together in unison
  • Trying to talk saying ” Guu’s”
  • Can follow a toy from left to right moving her head and eyes back and forth
  • she’s found her hands and constantly sucks on them

In these last few weeks we started to really pay attention to an evening routine for us as much as Amelia. We’re still tinkering with it but we’re now having baths every night and our last feed in the bedroom with the lights low after some active playtime before the bath. We’ve had her go twice from 9pm-4am and not wake up and then since that had various variations of this where she may go from 10-2-5 but is happy with her dummy till the 4-5am feed.

Amelia weighed 13lbs 3oz 2 weeks ago and we find out her updated weight and height on the 30th, she’s blatantly over a stone now the little chubby bunny! Seeing her grow is just amazing, she’s got long legs and we think she’s going to be tall just like James, She’s already in her 3-6 months bodysuits however can still fit in 0-3 vests.

Last week we also finally got Amelia to the dietitian who has put us on a Cows Milk Allergy milk called Similac Allimentium. Jesus if we thought her poo’s smelt before.. they’re on a whole new level now! She’s been on it since Thursday evening and all seems fine, she’s taking it both warm and cold and isn’t make a fuss. Her poo is now wet, looking more and more like a katsu curry sauce as apposed to anything formed.

We’re already looking at all things weaning and what highchair we want to get – any suggestions? If your little one has a cows milk intolerance I’d love to hear from you!!

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  • Nicola Hughes

    Aw she is really beautiful!

    • LucieLovesIt

      Thank you so much 🙂 x

  • Jenna Richards

    Ohh she is so, so gorgeous.

    We are going through leap 2 at the mo which is really tough but I keep reminding myself that E will be able to do lots of lovely things at the end of it.

    haha, baby poo fascinates me way more than it probably should!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    • LucieLovesIt

      Haha I’m literally reasing your 2 month update!! Aw yeah leapa seem to come around so quick! Xx

  • Rachel Bradford

    Can’t believe how fast she’s growing up and that dress is gorgeous!

  • Her outfit oh my goodness it’s so so sweet!! I think I’ll have to download this wonder weeks app! I hear so many good things about it, sounds super handy!
    So pleased to hear how well she’s doing at nighttime! x

  • Bethany Perkins

    She’s just so cute, sounds like she is doing really well! The tommee tippee range is all great for weening their bibs that have a curved bottom to catch all the food are a must have!

  • MaisyMeow

    Love reading these – oliver’s doing so many of the same things, the hand sucking is adorable isn’t it? Can I ask, how did you know Amelia was intolerant to cows milk? We’ve had so many problems with acid reflux and sickness and intolerance hasn’t been ruled out!

    Maisy Meow | Lifestyle and Parenting

  • Daisy has cmpa rather than cmpi and she is on Neocate. The poohs do settle down eventually, I remember those days – like a gross custard! haha Take care x She is beautiful!

  • Charlotte

    I would recommend the Tommee Tippee range when you start weaning we have always loved them Nuby and Munkin also do some amazing products. I feel sorry for you with her nappies but hopefully they will settle down and not smell as bad. Treasure her because they do grow up so fast I want a new born again

    Charlotte x

  • Amy

    What a happy smiley girl! Wonder Weeks was always spot on with my first but doesn’t seem to match up this time around! ox

  • Emily Nellist

    I just can’t get over how quick time is going, she is absolutely gorgeous she really really is !!!

  • Tasha – mummyandmoose

    She is adorable! (I was going to have katsu curry tonight.. might have something else now haha)

  • What a little cutie, look at her face. Love a smiley baby. But it does go so quick, I wish I took a ton more pictures of my girl.