Afternoon Tea at the Amba Hotel Charing Cross

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Last Sunday I was invited by JoeBlogsNetwork to attend their event for the #AmbaAudreyAfternoonTea and you can bet your sweet scones I changed my shift around at work to attend! Miss a chance for a fabulous afternoon tea at a gorgeous hotel where they were hosting some of fashion week? Hell.Yes!

The Amba Hotel has been looking after it’s customers since 1865, though it only became part of the Amba Chain in 2014. The hotel is simply beautifully mordernised with staircases and chandeliers for days!  Every nook of the hotel made you want to take your camera out and stop drop and selfie!

We started in the Nelson room and were met with name tags and champagne – well played JoeBlogsNetwork, we both know by the time we’ve had all the bubbly we’ll no longer remember eachother. Well played indeed! haha I jest, It was a lovely way to mingle and chat with some of the bloggers we were going to be enjoying the day with. We took a short stroll over to the National Portrait Gallery to enjoy their Audrey Hepburn exhibition and they were pretty hot on photos so sadly didn’t manage to get any pictures inside. It was so lovely, If you are a fan I’d definitely recommend going.

We made our way back to the hotel laughing and joking with our props, I obviously picked up the pearl necklace because I’m a dirty woman and a complete child haha. We saw so many gorgeous models from London Fashion Week and the FURRRRRRRR oh the fur! It looked super chaotic with makeup everywhere my kinda mess next door to us. One of the room’s ceiling was modeled around the Sistine Chapel and was breathtaking if you are a bit of an architecture fan like me.

The Afternoon tea was delicious and I’m not going to lie.. Literally ate like 6 finger sandwiches, 2 scones, 3 mini cakes and 4 cups of tea, however I did bring my own sweetener because I knew I was going devour lots of yumminess and as I take 2 sugars in my tea that allowed me like 4 extra works out the same..right? haha.

I just want to say a huge thank you to JoeBlogsNetwork and all the bloggers in attendance, aswell as an even bigger thank you to Amba Hotel Charing Cross. They held a little competition on the day of who could take the best photo and I happen to of won a cheeky weekend stay in the hotel so I’ll be doing a mini weekend post in a few weeks on how our stay was! I’m super excited to see the room, if the hotel is anything to go on, it’s going to be beautiful! So may film a little Date night / Get Ready With me!

  • Jenn

    This looks like so much fun! everything about the day sounds great. I would have gone to TOWN on those scones and sandwiches! Your pictures made me hungry so I had to make some sandwiches and tea for my lunch after I read this!


  • Your photos look awesome! Was so lovely to meet you there xx