About Me

Hi, My name’s Lucie, I’m a 29, living on the outskirts of London with my Fiance James and our daughter, Amelia 🙂

I’ve grown up being asked what products I use on my hair, what makeup I’m wearing and where my outfits are from and being one to spread the love and try new products, found myself blogging and sharing my opinions and views.

My blog started with beauty and focused on my unwanted facial hair thanks to my PCOS and my makeup routine to give me a full coverage flawless look to cover up the embarrassment that was my stubble beard. From there my confidence built, and I incorporated outfits and lookbooks into posts and when several opportunities arose to work with major fashion labels like Asos, Newlook, Simply Be and Evans, who was I to say no to the very brands I spent half my wage on much to my bank balance’s dismay.

It’s now 2 years on and I’ve moved from Fatbeautyx.co.uk to Lucielovesit.com and my blog has very much become more than just beauty and fashion, It’s now a place I shared my plus size pregnancy and all that it entails, a safe haven to talk “diets” without bashing other bodies, A place to share recipes and food snaps where James and I have experienced travelling and have enjoyed restaurants and hotels and lets not forget, A lot of baby spam!

If you’ve made it this far then why not take an extra second and pop me a tweet to say hi! @lucieLovesLt!

If you are a brand looking to collaborate, please feel free to check out my Work with us page for more details. If you are a blogger maybe wanting to work on a post or video collaboration together please just email me lucie@lucielovesit.com